Saturday, April 7, 2012

ONEderful Achievement

Ladies and gentlemen, I have very, very, very exciting news!!!
For the first time in longer than I care to admit, I'm back in the ONEderful weight range! This is an extremely proud time for me, because the results of my fitness efforts are paying off. I have literally been running my ass off. And it shows!
I happened to step on my sister's bathroom scale last night (before indulging in 9 p.m. Arby's, I might add), not expecting to see such a beautiful number.
If you had asked me 3 or 4 months ago whether I'd be willing to display my weight on a blog for the world to see, I'd have laughed in your face. Yeah, right. I've found that the more I blog and the more pride I have in what I'm doing for myself, the more brash (read: ballsy) I become. At the risk of full disclosure, I'll add that this means that I've lost approximately 20 pounds since I began running. As if I didn't believe in the value of running already, this visual reinforcement is just icing on the healthy cake! However, this doesn't mean that I'll be investing in my own scale anytime soon, but it's nice to check in every once in awhile.
Now I can be that much more confident tomorrow, wearing my fancy new gladiators and my new Easter dress:
Side note: I've noticed recently via all the pictures of my feet that my feet look really weird in photos! So, pardon my apparent cankles and my stubby toes...

P.S. Day four of the H2O Challenge consisted of 24 oz. of water and 2 cups of coffee. Mind you, when I say I'm drinking 2 cups of coffee, one is my caffeine boost for the day after my workout, and the other is usually around 10 p.m. (decaf) when I'm winding down and I want a little sweet treat. Day five (Friday) consisted of 24 oz. of water, a medium-sized sweet tea from Subway, a cup of coffee, and a Bartles & James marg (gross!). If you count the tea, I finally accomplished my 48 ounce goal!

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