Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Heart Smiles For...

Nighttime thunderstorms.
Sweet Frog Cake Batter froyo with wet nuts and marshmallow creme toppings.
Watching a scary movie on Friday the 13th.
Completing every item on my to-do list by my goal time.
After-dinner coffee at a restaurant.
Breezy, 60-degree weather.
Carrying a new handbag.
Seeing a movie in the theatre.
The Christmas Eve 11 p.m. candlelight church service.
Juicy, perfectly ripe watermelon on a hot day.
Getting an A back on a difficult project.
Tent camping.
Winning at Monopoly.
Jersey knit cotton sheets.
The wind in my hair, flying on a jet ski.
My heart pounding after a new running accomplishment.
The smell of wood smoke in the fall.
Receiving personal or "just because" snail-mail.
Buying a smaller size than the last time I went shopping.
Peach champagne.
Walking on the beach late at night.
Sleeping in with no alarm.
Laughing until I cry and my cheeks hurt.
Losing myself in a great book.
Having my hair straightened.
Singing obnoxiously loudly passionately on a road trip.
Having a fully charged cell phone.
Watching old VHS tapes.
Listening to older people tell stories about times before I was born.
Holding a puppy.
Falling asleep with a smile.
Hearing from an old friend unexpectedly.
Tailgating with my family (and my second family).
Experimenting with new foods and new recipes.
Being a part of this fantastic blogging community.

Happy, happy, happy Wednesday!

P.S. What makes your heart smile? I really want to hear from you!

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