Thursday, April 12, 2012

Worried Worry Wart

One thing you've probably gathered (from many of my posts) is that I'm a worrier. I worry about the future, the past, the present... hell, I worry about worrying. I'm just a person who is concerned about everything.
One of my concerns right now is how I will exercise when I'm in OBX next month (T-minus 44 days!). As Colleen so graciously reminded me when I blogged about this dilemma pre-Mexico, vacation is about taking a vacation from your norm and your routine. If exercise fits into your schedule, congrats to you; if not, enjoy your vacation without feeling pressured to exercise. Since I have really dived into working out, eating right, and taking care of my body, exercising on vacation is a priority to me.

Ian doesn't exactly share my concern, but he understands it. In February, he called the neighborhood association of the house we'll be staying in, and they told him that for $50 per week, we could have an all-access pass to their clubhouse and fitness facilities. Well, our house has its own pool, hot tub, and billiards room, so that hefty $50 would be spent on a treadmill. Plus, as I pointed out to Ian, if we bought the all-access pass, we'd feel obligated to work out (or waste our money), as opposed to fitting exercise into our schedule naturally.

We considered the possibility of running, which is free and which can be done any time, but neither of us was keen to run several miles in the blazing NC heat. Even in the a.m. when the sun isn't so beastly hot, we'd have to set an alarm in order to beat the sun. That isn't ideal, as we both love to sleep in. We'll definitely consider running at dusk, though.
I also know, after having been to OBX twice before with Ian's family, that I hardly ever don't always make the healthiest food selections, particularly on restaurant nights. If you've ever been to Jimmy's Seafood Buffet or Captain George's, you know that you cannot pass up the hundreds of fresh seafood delicacies. I tend to snack a lot, drink too much carbonation and not enough water, and eat too few veggies and fruits. My eating habits are vastly different this year, so I'm relying on my self-control to assist me in making better choices.
I don't think swimming will be much of an option; the ocean is always frigid down there, and the pool at our house is of a nice size but too small for doing laps.
(You can see that I've given this a great deal of ill-consumed time and thought...)

Which brings me to my point -- I'm working on devising an at-home workout I can complete if I so feel the need to sweat it out while on vacay. I don't own any free weights or exercise equipment (e.g. jump rope, stretch bands), so I'm looking for free and simple exercises.
For a cardio boost, I'm thinking jumping jacks. In terms of strength-building, I can rely on Ian to be my sit-ups partner, and I can do push-ups. Even if he isn't in the mood for exercise, I know he won't mind helping me out. We also love to walk on the beach to collect shells and at night, which is great exercise because of the resistance the sand offers. And, of course, there's always planks to challenge myself.
I am well aware that this post makes me sound like a huge hulking meathead, but I'm okay with that. I also realize that this isn't a very sophisticated workout plan, so I'm all for suggestions, tips, comments, etc. Thanks!

Have a fantastic Thursday, blends :)

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