Monday, April 2, 2012

H2O Challenge

As I was sipping my delicious Kiwi Strawberry Propel Zero last Friday morning gearing up for one of my longest runs yet, I decided to issue myself a challenge: Beginning Monday (because weekends at HSC are not ideal), I'm going to drink 48 oz. of water per day for one week. Currently I drink about half to seventy-five percent of that. Judge me if you must.

I began week 9 of my 12-week 5K training program this morning, so drinking adequate water is vital. The last 4 weeks of the training program call for running a certain number of miles rather than a certain length of time. Now that I've run more than a 5K three times during my prescribed 45-minute runs, I thought running 3 miles this morning would be challenging but doable. I was right! It always feels good afterward, but during these longs runs I get what I like to call jelly legs and I'm sweating like a drug testee on Niacin. (Side note: sweating absolutely does not bother me when I exercise. I'm not one of those girls who prefers to "glisten." In fact, I tend to have the mentality that the more I sweat, the better cardio workout I'm having.) I always try to hydrate well before a run (but not so much so that I'm bloated or I cramp up), and I try not to guzzle my whole water bottle as I complete my 3-minute cool-down. Needless to say, sweating and physical activity require water, water, water!

I have to say, running on the treadmill has become very enjoyable for me. If I miss or skip more than a few days in the gym, I truly miss it. Call me crazy... But I'm being honest with myself and with you all. Anyway, I'm straying a bit from the topic at hand. H2O it is. Thus far, I've only consumed about 15 oz. of water, so I'll get those extra ounces in as I half-consciously sip my water during class and dinner. Updates to come. Have a happy hydrated Monday!

P.S. I forgot to add this little jewel to my Greek Week post. It was duct taped to one of the main doors leading into/out of Ian's dorm hall:

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