Friday, April 20, 2012

"Call" Me Crazy

I may or may not have a "need" to have a new cell phone every summer...
Yes, you read that correctly. Every. Summer.
In May of 2008 (the summer after frosh year at LU), I picked up my first Palm -- to the tune of $400 -- to replace my ages-old Kyocera. After sophomore year, I had had enough of the Palm (and honestly, I loved it but it broke on its own and actually required replacing), and I decided I needed my first HTC. Well, that phone sucked pretty badly in my opinion. What did I switch for it? Another Palm! Awesome decision. [Naht!] After a year of that, it was a trusty old Samsung for me in July of 2011. I'd had at least one Samsung before, so I thought I was making a self-reliant, cost-efficient decision. I'm here to tell you that the phone I have now is a hunk o' junk. From the first two weeks I owned the thing, I learned about all of the things it didn't do as opposed to all of the world-changing miracles it promised. I mean, what kind of phone made in 2011 doesn't have an indicator light to let you know you have a text?!
I can't say the Verizon reps didn't warn me... They tried pushing me toward the Droid, the iPhone, and other "4G" gizmos, but I wouldn't have it any other way. They didn't warn me about the lack of an indicator light, to which they claimed to be oblivious and innocent. I chose a 3G phone because it was worlds cheaper than the 4G devices they pushed. Purchasing my Samshit, as I lovingly refer to it, was, at the very (very) least, an inexpensive purchase -- the only smart thing about this "smart" phone.

This summer, for the 5th consecutive summer, I'll be replacing my cell with a new toy (not exactly eco-friendly, am I?). However, for the first summer in memory, I have no clue which toy I want. Before you all scream, the iPHONE!!, does anyone have suggestions? Here are my standards:
- Must have an indicator light
- Must be 4G
- Must not be a Palm
- Must be offered via Verizon

Help me out here. I'm not necessarily looking to save money this summer. I'm looking to get rid of a phone that freezes up almost on a daily basis, that glitches like nobody's business, and that doesn't notify me of jack. Please and thanks!

P.S. What kind of cell do you currently have? Do you love it or hate it? Would you buy it again if given the opportunity?


Thomas Duhamel said...

As a psuedo hipster I would recommend the iPhone though I rock a Galaxy Nexus (from Verixon) currently. If there is a Windows phone available I will give that a try at some point. I do believe iPhone usually makes most people happy these days

Girl Emerging said...

Thanks for the recommendation, "pseudo-hipster Tom" :) Haha!