Sunday, April 8, 2012

Feaster Weekend Recap

What a magnificent Easter weekend it has been!
Saturday, I slept in until the grand hour of 9:30... I had set an alarm for 10, but after a certain time, my parents don't believe in any standard of being "quiet" in the a.m. So, outside we went. For as long as I can remember, Caroline and I have loved swinging with Mom in the porch swing. Dad had a prior engagement (a.k.a. golf), so we lazed around for a few hours before Ian arrived at 2:30. Momma sent this with him since I wasn't there to open my second-family Easter basket:
He insisted right away that we watch some movie called Space Cowboys... It was okay, but between allergies, my wake-up call, and a mid-afternoon Woodchuck, I semi-napped my way through the adventures of Tommy Lee Jones.
Dinner was truly a feast -- grilled chicken, shrimp, and smoked sausage; fresh corn on the cob; salad with all the fixings; mashed potatoes; fresh squash; and homemade lemonade.
After dinner, it was decidedly a Sweet Frog kind of night. Actually, my parents had planned on a froyo trip specifically because Ian was visiting.
Our family is really big on reading, so a trip to Sweet Frog is usually tied in to visiting Barnes & Noble, or as my parents refer to it, "bee and en."
Go the F**k to Sleep, anyone?
I was super stoked to find that Ellen Hopkins had released a new book, Perfect. Her other books, Crank, Glass, Burned, Identical, Tricks, Fallout, and Impulse are some of my favorite psychology-inspired reads, particularly Identical. I'll definitely be saving Perfect for OBX '12 with my second family next month!
Then it was time for Woodchuck and a date with Justin Timberlake. Ian wanted to Redbox In Time, which I would rate a 9 for creativity, but a 5 for plot and emotion factor. Maybe I just didn't quite get it. Whatever. Justin Timberlake is easy on the eyes, whether or not I get what he's doing to save the world.

Easter Sunday always means early risin', but I don't mind. I love an excuse for new shoes and a new dress.
Please pardon the awkward position of Ian's hands... Contrary to whatever pose he was trying to strike, I am not expecting.
After having experienced it for the first time, I highly recommend the brunch buffet the Strawberry Street Cafe in Richmond offers. The sausage gravy--which I have discovered is a meat food I like--was out of this world!
We rode down to Shockoe Bottom after lunch to see Ian's new apartment.
Around 4:15, he had to depart for school to be at work by 6:00. I decided to stay another night, so I'll be heading back in the morning, well-rested and well-fed ;)

Happy Easter, one and all! I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you (he still visits our house, though my sister and I are 19 and 23), and that your day was filled with food, fun, and family!

P.S. What is one of your Easter traditions? We always take lots of pictures in our new Easter dresses, and eat brunch somewhere new or different.


Lauren Gabor said...

You have the most adorable family. My Easter consisted of netflix and papa john's. We should make our own holiday and celebrate fratting, grad school, etc.

Girl Emerging said...

Because, as we well know, the world needs reminding that it IS possible to simultaneously frat and be a grad student!