Friday, April 27, 2012

Nifty, Nifty, I Ran Fifty!

Today's post is going to be short and sweet. Hallelujah, right?
This incredible accomplishment occurred yesterday:
There it is, folks. Straight from the Excel spreadsheet. That grand 50 miles I've striven to achieve (in one month) since December. I am all about the goal. I literally still cannot believe I achieved it, that I achieved it in a 30-day month, and that I had 4 days to spare! Granted, I accounted for 12.74 of those miles with 3 days of elliptical workouts. I know that one month not too long from now, I'll accumulate 50 miles without including elliptical miles, but yesterday morning felt pretty swell :)

I'm ready to get home home to my local Y to start participating in all the classes they offer. I have the first three weeks of May available (as in, no lit reviews, no exams, no readings, no practice sessions, no schoolwork pulling me in a thousand different directions) to try out new and different stuff before it's back here to my apartment complex gym. You can bet I'll be hitting the treadmill and the weight machines, but I'm oh-so-ready to expand my fitness horizons.

I've missed swimming like nobody's business since I aged out of my neighborhood competition team. Is there a better total-body workout? I also really want to try beginner Pilates, Hatha yoga, and Zumba! Fortunately for me, my parents and Caroline are ready-made workout buddies for me. Updates to come next week on fitness classes!

Enjoy your Friday, blends :) I'm off to HSC for one last hoo-rah before Ian graduates and fratting is a thing of the past. Ta ta!

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