Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time to Give It the AXE

To be one hundred percent honest, I am aware that it seems like all I do is drink, talk about drinking, or plan when I'll next be drinking. There's no shame in enjoying a few adult beverages every now and then. I truly consider myself blessed to have been able to spend an extra year in limbo between undergraduate life and adulthood to spend with Ian and his AXE brothers, Caroline, and my ADPi sisters. By no means will adulthood entail full sobriety or maturity, but it will entail a lot fewer parties.
My responsibly consumed schooner is to the left; a friend's is to the right, which explains this:
...and this:
The weekend began around 4:30 yesterday, when Caroline and I arrived and walked over to a celebration the Chemistry and Biology departments were having for a retiring professor. (In case you haven't gathered, Ian is pre-med, and thus, all about the sciences.)
These gentlemen and Caroline and I dined at Macado's. I ordered my usual Build-Your-Own sandwich and I elected to add turkey, which I found rather bland. I may need to experiment with turkey before I add it to my repertoire.
Dinner segued into a trip to Kroger for thirst-quenchers, which was how the motorized shopping cart came to be. Kroger led to one last night of hilarious conversations, laughing that turned into hiccups, silly pranks, and my way of saying good-bye to Ian's brothers, who will be graduating in two weeks (many of them don't live in Virginia). I'm not big on good-byes; I prefer "see you later" and creating memorable "lasts."
This morning, Caroline and Ian and I braved the elements and enjoyed brunch in the dining hall before heading back to our respective schools to study. I must say, it was a great evening with great friends and great memories.

Even though it was time to give H-SC weekend wonder the axe, I feel confident and satisfied that we went out with a bang ;) Perhaps now my blog will adopt a more serious (read: less juvenile) tone... nah!

P.S. What were you up to yesterday? Do you still enjoy a few adult beverage-inspired nights of camaraderie and revelry every now and again?


Lauren Gabor said...

Can I just say how sad this post made me? I can't believe AXE is going to be a thing of the past and alumni picnics now. But on the up and up, I'll see you at those.

Girl Emerging said...

I hope you mean sad in the best way possible :) I've made some of my most incredible college memories at AXE. I'm trying not to think of it as "a thing of the past" or an alumni thing. I have a hard time being an alumna of anything! Reunions are a must.