Friday, April 13, 2012

I Pledge to Party

Pledge Party.
To me, that's a weird phrase. It sounds as though one is pledging to party.
Well, if that's the case, then I'm on board. Tonight is AXE's (Ian's fraternity) Pledge Party event for the newly initiated brothers. Typically, Pledge Party occurs the night before the initiation ceremony, but the fraternity's social circumstances were different this semester. Thus, Pledge Party is occurring post-initiation; the pledges are no longer pledges. That doesn't mean the party will be any less grand! There is usually a band or a DJ. Tonight there will also be cookout food, which means fast-food or some red meat alternative for me. The theme this semester is Endless Summer, and this tankini top and sundress are what I plan to wear:
Plus my LMFAO shades, as I call them, with my HSC "bro-kies"
I'm not ballsy or showy enough (read: idiotic enough) to wear just a bikini top and some skimpy bottoms. I prefer a more modest adherence to the theme, nevermind the fact that it'll be 50 degrees and windy tonight. Tonight's more realistic theme is debauchery.
I'm just looking forward to socializing and spending QT with Ian, Caroline, Lauren & Co., and Ian's bros. I hope to have lots of great pics for you tomorrow, as I rejoin my grad school girls for a 31 merchandise party at Kristin's!

Man, I'm going to miss these opportunities to act as an undergrad again... Before you know it, I'll have taken up knitting and cat-collecting...

P.S. Do you still enjoy "fratting" when you get the chance? Do you ever visit your alma mater (HSC is my pseudo alma mater) to shake things up with old friends?

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