Thursday, April 5, 2012

A List and a Bucket

Everybody has some sort of Bucket List, right? Mine doesn't include death-inspired activities like base jumping or skydiving, but it does include two things that somehow crazily feel empowering to me. The first: crowd-surfing. I've always wanted to be passed over a hyped up crowd for a few minutes (without being dropped). The second: learning American Sign Language. This isn't something I've always wanted to do, but it's something that would be considered a useful life skill, and it would also be exhilarating to learn and understand a foreign language. Taking French for 3 semesters as an undergrad didn't exactly do it for me; Madame Edwards and Monsieur Amoss weren't impressed. I learned minimal ASL during the first summer I taught at the Faison School for Autism, and the feeling of communicating with a child without using words was indescribable.
I don't have a complete Bucket List to share with you. Besides, sometimes I make things up as I go along ;)

I also have some fitness goals in mind, most of which have yet to be completed:
Run one mile without walk break(s)
Run two miles without walk break(s)
Run three miles without walk break(s)
Run four miles without walk break(s)
Run a 5K without walk break(s)
Run an outdoor 5K without walk break(s)
Run an outdoor 10K without walk break(s)
Run an outdoor half-marathon without walk break(s)
Be able to do 50 consecutive legitimate push-ups
Be able to do a 30-second plank
Be able to do a 1-minute plank
Be able to do 5 consecutive 1-minute planks
Reach my goal weight of 155 pounds

So, just a few things out of my bucket to share with y'all. Do you have a Bucket List?

P.S. Day Two of the H2O Challenge looked like this: 24 oz. of water, 2 cups of coffee, 1 10 oz. glass of orange juice. Day Three (yesterday) looked like this: 44 oz. of water and 2 cups of coffee. I'm plenty hydrated, I'm just not meeting my very realistic goal.
P.P.S. Week nine of 5K training is going splendidly! I completed 3-mile runs on Monday and Wednesday as specified, and I concentrated on my arms during Tuesday's weights session. I switched things up and hit the elliptical this morning. I really can't say enough good things about this training program. This weekend is going to be a little dicey since I'll be at home and Ian will be visiting for Easter, so I'll have to do some rearranging. Saturday calls for a 4-mile run (yikes!!).
P.P.P.S. I've had several readers ask me how I qualify saying that I have had a lot of support for a particular post, or thanking readers for their comments if they are not visible on the blog. I mostly receive texts, tweets, calls, and in vivo support. I know that little by little, my readership is growing -- it just doesn't appear that way on the blog :) Please feel free to leave comments here anytime!

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