Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Time, Big List

This is my "Good morning! Living alone + a camera with no timer = mirror pics" face.

I was rarin' to go, stretchy hairband and all. I normally don't wear those; it aggravates me when they slide off after 30 seconds. Today must've been some sort of miracle day, because my hairband inspired me to push myself.
May I just say that all the hype over medicine ball planks is totally accurate?!
Best. Ab. Workout. Ever.
I'd like to think that my form looked this good, but I know I at least felt this good.
I also accomplished my 25-mile running goal for the last half of January -- first time I've set a realistic yet challenging goal and accomplished it! Happy Tuesday to me :)

Tonight, I'm wishing I didn't have class. One, because Group makes me nervous. There are only 8 other students in my class, so things are very intimate and thus far, uncomfortable. Two, because Matt Roloff of Little People, Big World is speaking tonight at H-SC. I used to watch the show all the time; I was fascinated that two little people could create twins, one of whom was a little person and one of whom was not, and a "normal" sized daughter. I also found the Roloff family's work ethic and their desire and efforts to fit in in a world of everything tall very inspiring.
Mr. Roloff's presentation begins at 7:30, and I'm not out of class until 7:00, plus it's an hour drive. Too many to-do lists and not enough hours in the day.
Well folks, no more time spent lamenting today. People to see and places to go! Right after another scrumptiously healthy breakfast and a little blog love:
This week's favorite -- Kashi cereal plus fresh blueberries, Chobani topped with Whole Foods granola, mini-muffins, and Dunkin with a splash of hazelnut creamer and a splash of half-and-half

P.S. How do you start your morning off right? Do you prefer to exercise in the a.m. or the p.m.?

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Day, 5K

It seems that a lot of healthy living bloggers and readers are tired of everyone posting pictures, semi-novels, and extensive discussions of what they ate, how they prepared it, where they ate it, with whom they ate it, etc. Well, I'm new to this game, and I'm enjoying posting these sorts of things.
I've seen lots of bloggers posting W.I.A.W. (What I Ate Wednesday) and other types of weekly gigs, but I think I'll stick with my same-old-same (for now). I'm actually enjoying reading labels, calculating vitamins and minerals, meal-planning and mindful grocery shopping, researching tips and exercise regimens, and living a healthy, energized lifestyle.

On that note, I began my 5K training program this morning with my long-distance accountability buddy, Lauren!
We're working on different programs, but we're still working toward the same 5K goal. She's a perfect buddy for me, because we're both novice runners.
Today's plan called for a 15-minute run, which sounded great to me. Easy, actually. As I mentioned previously, I like the gradual nature of this program, as well as its increasing time (as opposed to distance) increments. Dad and I are talking about participating in some 5Ks this spring and summer, and so are Lauren and I. Dad reminded me not to think of them so much as a "race," but rather a philanthropy event. I'm quite familiar with philanthropy... Ronald McDonald House, anyone? Most of the Richmond-based events are looking for high participation rates and contribution to a cause, rather than the world's fastest sprinters. I can really appreciate his perspective while, at the same time, still wanting to complete a 5K sans walk breaks. Everybody has to start somewhere!

As of today, I'm 0.66 miles away from accomplishing my goal of 25 miles in the last 15 days of January. Tomorrow is supposed to be an "off" day, but as it's the last day of the month, I'm planning to use it to power-walk and do some strength training.

As far as mental well-being is concerned, I registered for the 2012 V.A.C.E.S. Graduate Student Conference this morning, which will be held February 25 at Lynchburg College. The conference, which is a subset of the Virginia Counselors Association, will feature 35 workshop sessions, 10 poster presentations, and participants from 12 counselor education programs. I can't say I'm thrilled to spend 7 hours on a Saturday at a conference, but there are always the prospects of networking, learning about my chosen field, and taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of me. Besides, two of my closest graduate school friends, Jennifer and Kristin, will be right there beside me.
If you are in a counselor education program or you are considering such a program, the conference costs $30, which includes a continental breakfast and lunch. Click here for more information.

I'm off to enjoy some of my new cereal topped with fresh blueberries and Truvia, plus a Chobani and some Dunkin, of course! Have a happy Monday!

P.S. Have you ever participated in or attended a professional conference? If so, was your experience positive or negative? Would you attend an all-day conference on a Saturday?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One More Lonely Girl

I wish that Ian had had a camera handy to capture the expression on my face after my first bite of Cucumber Dill Feta Greek yogurt dip and blue chips. I believe the words I was looking for were, "Blehhh!" I tried a few more anyway, just to be sure, and they weren't so bad. I think there were just a lot of new flavors to figure out. Dill can definitely overwhelm other flavors quickly. I haven't written either food off, and I'm sure I'll be snacking again soon. I did love the California Pizza Kitchen thin crust white pizza we splurged on for lunch:
One-third of such a delicacy is 290 cals, so the only reason I agreed was because it had tons of spinach (and thin crust is my favorite). I also enjoyed one of Chobani's new flavors, Blood Orange. It's not my favorite--no flavor can replace my beloved pomegranate--but it was new and different, which is my thing these days!

RANDOM -- I learned several "help yourself stop snacking" tips the other day from @OMGFacts via Twitter. For starters, eat from a plate or bowl rather than directly from the bag or container. That way, you can tell exactly how much you're consuming. Also, use your non-dominant hand to eat. You're less likely to mindlessly munch if you have to do things differently or think about what you're doing. Pretty cool, huh?
Getting down to business...
I always feel lonely on Sundays when guests leave. There they go, driving off back to their lives of busyness and activity, and here I still am, cleaning up and organizing and finding something fascinating to watch on TV. Passing time until 11:00 isn't always easy, especially when there isn't much I need to be doing. Since it's the beginning of a new semester, schoolwork is light, and I usually have little, if any, homework to complete between Friday afternoon and Monday afternoon. I did the laundry and the straightening up while Ian was still here, so come 3:00, we walked out the door together.
Today, I decided to spice things up by hitting the gym on a Sunday. I was stoked to don my tennis shoes and hit the treadmill to actually RUN! I hadn't run in 10 days, and I was definitely missing it. I did a quick 1.4 miles; my 5K training program calls for beginning with 15-minute runs, so I thought I'd "warm up" the day before officially beginning to test the waters with my knees and toe. I'm still a bit sore, but everything was A-okay! Boy, what a great feeling!

DISCLAIMER -- I'm doing my absolute best to be an honest healthy living blogger. That being said, I actually do enjoy running and working out. I've said this before and I'll say it again, I exercise because it's become a passion of mine, not because I feel obligated or guilt-tripped.

Well, it looks like I'll be one (slightly less) lonely girl this evening. Perhaps it's time to sit down with some pleasure reading, for once. I got two books for Christmas that I've been looking forward to beginning. Enjoy this gorgeous Sunday, blends!
P.S. When you splurge on pizza, how do you make it healthier? What are your favorite indulgent toppings?

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breakfast, Burritos, and Basketball

This morning I awoke to creepy whispering in my ear: "Make me muffinssss..."
I was like, 'Cuz I'm not tryin' to sleep, here!
Nevertheless, those Fiber One blueberry muffins in the cupboard were definitely calling my name, so I popped out of bed at the much unanticipated hour of 10:00 on a Saturday! (I'm very big on sleeping in.)
I didn't realize that I was slightly ill-equipped to make muffins, until...
Tupperware doesn't make muffins taste different, right?
As it turns out, I also didn't have large muffin trays. I think mini-muffins are cuter, anyway!
 Ian was like, "Okay, you just do it!"
This delight, plus a pomegranate Chobani, began my day perfectly!

We headed out in the sunshine and breezy warmth to the Hampden-Sydney at Randolph College b-ball game. It was definitely a nail-biter! I love a good cheering-and-screaming, pom-pom-waving, trash-talking, referee-cursing game. We got what we wanted, and Ian's prediction was exactly right: The team was down all game, they made a miraculous comeback, and they lost...
...by one point.
It was a heart-breaking loss, but a very exhilarating game.
We were ravenous at 4:00, so we headed to an old favorite from Farmville, Moe's! They have great vegetarian options with lots of fresh veggies and even tofu.
My "Unanimous Decision" was one hard shell and one soft shell, stuffed with brown rice, lettuce, tomato, a pinch of cheese, a dollop of sour cream and guac, black olives, and fresh pico de gallo. Mmm! I couldn't help myself -- the salsa bar is to die for.

An early dinner makes for two very hungry people, so we get the opportunity tonight to try out some fresh snacks, like blueberries and my new Otria Greek yogurt dip and blue corn tortilla chips. Update on love/hate to come.
The movie of choice for tonight--a win again for me--is "Friends with Benefits." Score! Have a good one, my friends.

P.S. Moe's or Qdoba or Chipotle? Pico or salsa? Sour cream or plain yogurt?

Friday, January 27, 2012

Mushrooms and Scream

Boy, do I hate cleaning.
And I do mean hate.
My poor Mama fears asking me to vacuum or dust at our house. What?! Dust? What for? No one will notice! Needless to say, she's a fabulous housekeeper. I abide more by a policy of cleaning when I'm expecting guests, or every 2 weeks. I am, however, a big believer in perpetual neatness and everything being in its place. It's the OCD in me, and I don't hate it.
I despise vacuuming with the ancient machine my parents bestowed upon me, Swiffering, dusting, scrubbing the tub and the sink, wiping down the counters, disinfecting, etc. But when it's all said and done, I'm always so proud of what I've accomplished. This is the first time I've ever lived entirely by myself, and I'm proud of my cute little apartment!
Why yes, I do line my bathroom trash can with Kroger bags. It's called saving money and recycling.
 Yes. There are stuffed animals on my bed. Alphies, for any ADPis out there, and the HSC tiger (Ian named him Frank, because he's frankly awesome), for anyone out there dating a Hampden-Sydney gentleman.
In other news...
I waged an internal war with myself all day. Literally a war. Should I grocery shop before Ian comes to save time? Nah, I should wait for him because he's actually excited to shop and cook together. But shouldn't I shop ahead of time because I know I'll be starving and grouchy by the time we actually sit down for this meal? So. Much. Turmoil. Ultimately my decision? Wait. Ian was grateful that I did ;)
 The ingredients for our "Good Housekeeping" vegetarian Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Cream
 Vitamin Water and SoBe Life Water are absolute staples in my life
 I feel like a new woman with an arsenal of Chobanis!
Some new stuff I'm giving a try -- Fiber One blueberry muffin mix (healthy and yummy!), blue corn tortilla chips, Kashi Honey Puffs cereal (another new cereal to try!), Otria Greek yogurt dip, and light Balsamic vinaigrette dressing (instead of my beloved Olive Garden dressing)

We commenced making dinner after a very stressful trip to Kroger.
 We feverishly chopped what seemed like an exorbitant amount of mushroom...
 I put Ian on Pasta Duty.
 The mushrooms cooked down quite a bit. If you plan to make this recipe (which I posted a few days ago), I recommend using the heavy whipping cream called for. We substituted fat-free half-and-half at the suggestion of a more seasoned culinary whiz, but our sauce didn't quite turn out as thick as anticipated.
 I love the idea of adding fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes to dishes!
 The finished product! We raced to sit down, dress our salads, and dig in...
 And I hated it.
Alright, I didn't hate it. But in hindsight, I definitely would have changed a few things. I would have made only one 9-oz. package of fettuccine. I also would have topped the plated pasta with the sauce instead of tossing the pasta in the sauce in the saucepot. The result was that the pasta was slightly overcooked, while all of the creamy sauce and mushrooms settled to the bottom of the mix.

Ian declared the recipe a keeper. He had 3 helpings, while I dejectedly asked if we should order Papa John's. I declared that I'm a very long way from being a Master Chef. I'm lamenting the amount of leftover pasta in the fridge, too...
You live and you learn. At least I'm experimenting!
I surprised Ian with sugar-free peach Jell-O for dessert, and he surprised me by renting "Paranormal Activity 3" from Redbox. He hates scary movies and they're my absolute favorite, so it's always a nice treat when he voluntarily watches one with me :)

Well, my "blends," it's time for a little PA, and a relaxing evening with the boy. Happy Friday!

P.S. What recipes did you botch before they were keepers? How did you learn to substitute healthier ingredients into recipes?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How DOES She Do It?

I've been asked several times in the past week or so, "A.K., how do you stay motivated to go to the gym?" I'd be lying if I said my numero uno source of motivation were anything but a desire to be fit and healthy. My close second is healthy and gradual weight loss. That doesn't necessarily answer the question, but it is my honest motivation. That sounds so uppity and Suzie Sunshine, doesn't it? Well, that's just how I roll. I set an alarm every weekday morning, I complete my morning routine, I procrastinate here and there, but then I haul my butt to the gym.
I admit, weekends are where I fall down on the job a little bit. My weekends are still spent alternating between Ian visiting me here and visiting him at H-SC. Fitting in workouts on his campus are trickier because I don't have my own gym or gym privileges, routine, shower, or gym regulars. But, I digress. Here's how I do it:
(1) Allotting time. Because I'm a full-time grad student who has class in the evenings and doesn't eat dinner until 7:30, I set aside time for my workouts in the a.m. I allow myself a specific amount of time in the gym before I need to accomplish other things, like reading and note-taking. That way, I'm reminded to make my time count and to give it all I've got.

(2) Accountability. I accomplish this in a number of ways. I tweet about it. I blog about it. I text about it. I have a long-distance accountability buddy. We aren't necessarily working out "together," but we are keeping one another on track. If I feel that I have to answer to people about whether or not I exercised, I'm motivated to at least be able to tell them something.

(3) Goal-setting. I set goals on daily and monthly bases. For example, I woke up this morning and decided I would do 40 minutes at level 7 or above on the elliptical. This ended up being almost 5 miles, so I was doing about an 8:00 mile.
My goal for the second half of January (the time after I returned from Christmas break) is to run 25 miles. As of today, I have run 17.81 miles, so there are 5 days left to complete my goal. My knee and toe soreness have hampered this a bit, but I set the goal before I injured myself. My goal for February is to run 50 miles, which I think will be challenging, but doable.

(4) Record-keeping. And last but certainly not least, I record it. Here it is--my beloved color-coded Excel spreadsheet.
I record my goal, what I accomplish, the machines I use, and the length of time I was in the gym on my iPod as I work out. I enter the data in the spreadsheet as soon as I get home. Let me tell ya, it does not feel good not to enter data two or more days in a row. What does feel good is looking back over what I've accomplished each day, week, and month.
Oh, and I also don't beat myself up over missed workouts. If it's not gonna happen, it's just not. Next subject. I'm working out because it's a pleasure for me, not a chore :)
Not everyone is naturally or intrinsically motivated to go to the gym, especially when it's cold, rainy, Friday, a waning crescent moon... and a host of other excuses. If you're one of those people who needs a little push to get going, try one or more of these ideas!

Disclaimer: I'm no professional, and I still consider myself a novice runner who is learning all along the way. These are simply my motivators. I'd love to hear how it's going for you!

P.S. What are your workout or gym motivators? Do you work out alone or with a buddy? How do you get back on track after an absence from your workouts?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"You're Hot, Then You're Cold..."

Nah, sorry. This post actually has nothing to do with Katy Perry. It has everything to do with my big toe! I'm actually not joking...
The squeamish should look away!
The weak of stomach should click out!
The faint of heart should read no further!
Okay, you get the picture. If you're still reading, you're about to see some frank and unsavory pictures of my humiliating injuries. If you read Fraturday & Funday you know that I hurt my knees, my toe, and my ego pretty badly on Saturday evening. The fact is, I did more than bruise. This was taken after four days' healing:
It may not look that bad, but I'm missing the vast majority of my right knee. I also had no idea the area would swell and stiffen to the point that bending my knee (and sitting still in class for 2.5 hours at a time) was albeit impossible.
Ian (and probably others) will tell you that I'm a huge baby when it comes to pain. I flat-out refused to allow him to clean the wounds with alcohol pads or peroxide. I cringed and winced through his entire drawn-out process of applying Neosporin and bandages to the cuts. I whined the next day and limped around campus. Definitely indicative of a baby, yes? As it turns out, I wasn't a baby for naught! These cuts happened through my jeans and my Uggs. I wouldn't have thought it possible to bust your toenail through a knitted boot...
I'm not sure what's going on with my toe, but it seemed like everything was going swimmingly until today. All hopes are that tomorrow will be better.

I may not be great at handling pain, but I was firm about continuing my workouts this week. I thought that some exercise would help me feel better about not being able to initiate 5K training as I had planned, plus sweat out some frustration (and whining!). Running has been out of the question all week, especially since walking is only now beginning to feel more natural.
Despite all of this wallowing, I didn't allow my self-pity to stop me from hitting the gym! I completed my strength training workout on Monday, minus the stretches and planks. On Tuesday, things were feeling pretty great, so I did 4 miles (about 30 minutes) on the elliptical. Today I completed an almost-back-to-normal strength training circuit.
I've been icing my knees and my toe after my workouts in the morning, before class (when my knees tend to stiffen and swell a lot), and before bed. I soak as often and as long as I can when I have time for baths. Ian recommended soaks in Epsom salts, but I haven't had time to grab any.
My long-distance accountability buddy, Lauren, and I are still hoping to begin 5K training on Monday. If you have any tips besides regular alternating of heat and ice plus rest, I'd love to hear 'em!

P.S. Have you ever suffered an injury that forced you to stop or alter your exercise routine? How did you compensate for missed workouts?
P.P.S. Sorry about the gross pics!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Uh oh...

Sometimes, when I'm reading a particularly difficult chapter in a textbook, or divulging very personal information to my classmates, or even just pondering my chosen path in life, I wonder, Did I choose the right career for me?
There are an awful lot of unknowns out there, and career placement and job security are high on my list right now. As many of you know, I'm a new Master of Education student on the Clinical Mental Health Counseling track. I still have two years of school plus two summer sessions after this semester, and each day seems to offer new challenges and open a new can of worms.
I just finished reading a chapter about how not to get sued by clients... That sounds reassuring, right? There are a lot of variables that go into the formation of counselors, such as ethics, legality, techniques, client rights, best practice, accurate representation, theory, and professional identity. How am I supposed to manage all of that, and then some?!
I wonder if one year spent in high school, four years at Longwood, now three years in graduate school, and then two years full-time gaining 4,000 hours of experience will be worth the career choice I made. Oh, and then there are all the membership fees for various counseling organizations, testing fees to take the national counselor certification exam, and the licensing fees -- all before I can officially and legally call myself a Licensed Professional Counselor. Doesn't all that sound fun?
When I'm having a less-than-fabulous day, I like to remind myself why I've "known" I wanted to be a counselor since high school (these are in no particular order):
(1) I'm smart. I'm hard-working, I'm driven, I'm goal-oriented, I refuse to procrastinate, and I'm excited to learn and grow as an individual each and every day.
(2) I'm genuinely interested in other people; I don't mean this in a voyeuristic sense, but I truly care about others' well-being and ways to help people accomplish their life goals as so many people have helped and inspired me to accomplish mine.
(3) I'm meticulous, and I enjoy documenting everything (e.g., logging my fitness hours in a color-coded Excel spreadsheet), which will be quite beneficial, if not legally mandated, in the future.
(4) I like the idea that I am joining the "helping professions." Participating actively in a line of work in which people are working constantly and collaboratively to better themselves sounds brilliant to me.
(5) I have a humongous, potentially unhealthy obsession with fondness for Post-Its notes and organization.
(6) I'm happy here. I have no regrets about the path behind me, and I love looking forward to the road ahead of me. Isn't that what this is all about, after all?

When I think about all of these things, plus all of the other benefits I will reap from counseling, I feel like I'm in the right place again. I feel like the stress, anxiety, worry, time, expense, and exhaustion are worth it. Honestly, who doesn't have moments of uncertainty or doubt? May your day be filled with hope, wonder, and pride in what you do!

P.S. Do/did you ever question your job or career choices? Do/did you have a long road to your ultimate career goal? I like to believe that "the end justifies the means." :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


I've found that recently, I've gotten better at substituting things I might not want as much for something I really want. Example: This morning I was supposed to begin 5K training with my long-distance accountability buddy, Lauren. She's super cool and graciously flexible, so she agreed so wait until later in the week to begin. I really wanted a solid 15:00 run (as my training program called for) after a weekend off to allow a sore shoulder to mend. I was beyond excited when I stretched a sock and an athletic shoe over my ruined toe. I knew a run was still out of the question, but at least I was walking without wincing, right? Still limping, yes. You don't even think about how much you use an everyday body part until it's out of commission. See?
In the essence of not completely blowing off the day, I substituted an impromptu weights session. I wasn't able to stretch first and last like I normally like to, nor was I able to do planks this morning. I was determined to at least step foot on the treadmill, if only to improve my limp. I substituted a 10:00 walk at the embarrassing pace of level 2.0 for a 15:00 run/jog at a 5.0 pace. For once, I was happy to call myself the tortoise instead of the hare.

This weekend, Ian and I are going to improve upon our budding domestic skills; we plan to grocery shop, cook a meal, and clean up together. We're also substituting cooking in for the convenience and expense of going out to eat. I found a recipe that both looks and sounds delicious for "Fettuccine with Mushrooms and Cream" in my Good Housekeeping vegetarian cookbook. The recipe calls for heavy whipping cream, but I plan to substitute fat-free half-and-half (courtesy of Ruth's culinary expertise). It also calls for olive oil, though I'm potentially looking into substituting canola oil. No need to consume unnecessarily, right? Here's what you'll need in case you're interested:

Prep time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: 18 minutes
Makes 4 main-dish servings

2 packages (9 oz. each) refrigerated fettuccine pasta
1 tbsp. olive oil
1 small shallot, finely chopped (2 tbsp.)
8 oz. shiitake mushrooms, stems removed, caps thinly sliced
8 oz. white mushrooms, trimmed, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup Marsala wine
1 1/2 cups vegetable broth
1/3 cup heavy or whipping cream
1 cup loosely packed fresh basil or parsely leaves, chopped
1/4 cup sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil, sliced

- In large saucepot, cook pasta as label directs.
- Meanwhile, in nonstick 12-inch skillet, heat oil over medium-high heat until hot.
- Add shallot and cook, stirring occasionally, 1 minute.
- Add mushrooms and salt and cook, stirring occasionally, until tender and golden, 10-12 minutes.
- Stir in wine. Heat to boiling over medium-high heat and cook 1 minute.
- Add the broth and cream; heat to boiling and cook, stirring, 3 minutes.
- Drain fettuccine and return to saucepot. Add mushroom mixture, basil, and sun-dried tomatoes and cook over medium heat, tossing until evenly coated, 1 minute.

Picture to come as soon as Ian and I try to survive making whip up this yummy dish! Cheers to substituting!
P.S. Are you good at making substitutions, inside or outside of the kitchen? I'm learning how to become more flexible :) Are you flexible with your exercise schedule? Is working out a chore or a pleasure for you?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fraturday & Funday

Boy, was I right! There was a lot more going on on Saturday than there was on Friday. First, I had to navigate a sea of hungover guys in flip flops and towels in the bathroom -- the perks of dating someone who attends an all-male school with, obviously, all-male dorms. Then, it was recruitment weekend for the football team, so the dining hall was overrun with hashbrown-craving, Nike suit-wearing, Gatorade-guzzling meatheads. It didn't matter, though. The dining hall had everything I needed to begin my day wonderfully:
Apparently, Ian felt the same way...
I wish I were joking when I tell you that he will not pose for pictures. This was the posed response I got when I said, "Hey, let me take a picture of you for the blog!"

I was still stuck on wanting to go bowling, and Ian & Co. were stuck on dinner at BWW. It's not really my thing, but I can't complain about their fish tacos or Woodchuck Amber on tap.
 He's actually smiling!
 There are legitimate times when beer is drunk through a straw, right?

Then it was finally time to bowl. Ian and I and three others played two goofy games. These were not the only culprits for my combined score of 174... Oops.
Clumsily being me, I tripped over what was probably a shadow on the sidewalk and face-planted in front of Ian's fraternity house a few hours later. In the process, I blew the knee out of my favorite new pair of jeans, scraped my palms, completely jacked up my big toe, and lost most of the skin off of my knees. Ian whipped out his RA kit, his paramedic skills kicked in, and he got down to business.
I must say, all in all, it was a pretty great Saturday -- extreme soreness aside!

Today I was feeling less than stellar, but I knew I needed to lock it up so I could enjoy CPC sorority Walk this afternoon. One of my favorite people in the entire world was accepting a bid, but I wouldn't know it was to my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, until 5:30.
Anne is the cute tiny brunette running toward the pack of screaming girls in blue and white.
I also got to visit with some of these beautiful ladies for awhile:
I'm proud to report that our ADPi chapter now has 17 beautiful new members -- way to rock recruitment, Epsilon Chi! Being with my sisters at Longwood feels as close to being home as anything (outside of my true home).
Everybody say, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

P.S. I hope your weekend was absolutely fantastic!
P.P.S. Due to a very sore toe and some pretty banged up knees, my plan for beginning 5K training may have to wait a few days. Operation Recuperate is in full-swing ;)