Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Falling Down on the Job

Okay, okay, I admit it.
I've been the worst accountability buddy.
One of my gym buddies, Lauren, has been my long-distance accountability buddy for months, and yet we've actually checked in with each other only a handful of times. She was much better about asking me whether I'd gone to the gym and motivating me to feel better before I began 5K training than I was for her. After I began my training program, I was pretty darn self-motivated, so I stopped checking in with Lauren and she stopped checking in with me. What I really need her to say now is, Don't eat those curly fries! Really? Another scoop of ice cream?! But while we were still agreed-upon long-distance gym buddies, I should have made more of an effort. She's too cute for me not to!
My other accountability buddy, Bekah, and I go to school together, though we never run into each other because she's an undergrad and we "live" on opposite sides of campus. She was much better about texting or tweeting me to see if I'd already run. I hardly ever remembered to text her, and when I did, it usually read something like, Yeah, I ran Monday and Wednesday and did weights on Tuesday. Oops, forgot to text you (again)!
It appears that not only do I not take many photos with my accountability buddies, but that all we do is drink beer!
I think the good news buried under the guilt here is that my friends and I are able to hold ourselves accountable for going to the gym and fitting exercise in our schedules where we can. Bekah recently began using the same 5K training plan I'm using, which definitely excited me! She's tried to get me involved in numerous actual 5K events -- as opposed to treadmill marathons -- and so has Lauren, but my timing and scheduling this semester have not yet allowed for it.
I think both of them would tell me not to worry about feeling like I fell down on the job (because they're both very motivated and forgiving women), but I'm one of those people who always honors without fail likes to honor commitments I've made.
However, 32 days from today, my dad and Caroline and I will be running in the Susan G. Komen 5K event in Richmond (my first race ever!). They'll be my new short-term accountability buddies :)

Have a marvelous Monday, and don't be too hard on yourself today!

P.S. Have you and a friend ever been accountability gym or exercise buddies? If so, how long did you maintain it? If not, is it something you're willing to try?
P.P.S. Today is the last day of my H2O Challenge. Thus far, I've only managed to drink 48 oz. of water in a day once. I don't think today's going to be a different story. It looks like 24 oz. of water plus 2 cups of coffee per diem is my norm. At least now I know!


classyfratlife said...

How funny our posts were VERY similar today! Colleen is my gym buddy & I hate to admit it but she is way better at it than I am. The hardest thing I think (which you have seemed to master) is holding myself accountable when my gym buddy is absent. This is what I need to work out!!

Girl Emerging said...

Haha but here's the weird thing -- I think I would have a much harder time holding myself accountable if I did NOT have 2 long-distance buddies. If they lived in my apartment complex or down the street, it would be so easy not to go if they weren't. That's how it is when I'm at home, so I get you! :) I'm jealous that you and Colleen are gym buddies! Bar date in RIC this summer?!

Lauren Gabor said...

Well, as it turns out I'll be looking for employment come August. Maybe I'll end up in your neck of the woods :)

Girl Emerging said...

Please let me know if you will!!!