Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fratting Hard: Greek Week 2012

I could tell you that this weekend was peaceful and serene and full of melt-your-heart moments, but I'd be lying. This weekend is better encapsulated in the word insane.

Friday, my little sister and best friend in the world, Caroline, and Ian and I enjoyed the frattivities taking place around the clock. Hampden-Sydney does Greek Week in big proportions. There was cornhole, burgers and dogs on the grill (I elected for Taco Bell--I still don't do "real" hamburgers or hot dogs), bands all the way around Frat Circle, a makeshift hot tub (a tarp inside a pickup full of water), streaking, glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, an abundance of alcohol, couches on lawns, way too many above-the-knee khakis and pastel button-downs, and more than enough mingling with both old and new people. I managed not to fall this weekend, though I did trip over that same treacherous sidewalk, resulting in a few ugly but harmless blood blisters. I drank way too much Miller Light, and I ate two pieces too many of cheesy, onion-laden Papa John's goodness.

Saturday Caroline had to leave before lunch to get back to school to prep for a sorority ball, so Ian and I grabbed a light lunch (some very dry Philadelphia rolls, a Vitamin Water, and a Kit Kat for me) before meeting up with my parents. I was excited to take them down to Ian's fraternity house to see some of the frat bros they know, such as these clowns:
 Don't worry, Zsa-Zsa, you're not a clown!
I was also a little apprehensive that the inevitably shirtless guys sunning themselves on the lawn and playing cornhole with their cigars and their red Solo cups full of unspeakable cocktails would make them think differently, but they absolutely loved seeing everybody and getting a taste of our frattier weekends.
Afterward, we grabbed an early and delicious dinner at Ruby Tuesday before my family needed to head home and Ian and I needed to head out for more provisions. Saturday night was much less crowded but equally as hilarious and entertaining. This morning, I paid for it dearly. Luckily for me, Ian graciously plays doctor quite well. We had brunch in the dining hall, and then sadly, it was time for us to part company. I had a nap and several bottles of water on my agenda!
And just like that, Greek Week 2012 was over as suddenly as it had begun.

I love still having the best of both worlds for a few more months. Once Ian's in medical school and I'm in the second year of my M.Ed. program, things won't be so frattastic. I'm sure people judge me for my weekend decisions and my lifestyle, but frankly, my dears, I don't give a damn. I'm sure my liver feels differently, but my grades are high and my concerns are low.
I hope your weekend was excellent, and far more hydrated than mine!

P.S. Sorry I've been a little light on the pics recently. One of Ian's close friends asked if a photo of the airplane bottles I downed last night would grace "The Blog," and though they won't, consider this your shout-out, Raj!

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