Monday, March 19, 2012

Scaling Things Down

I know I wrote awhile back that the entire purpose of my healthy living attitude and my fitness goals was not weight loss. But certainly, a part of my goals is losing weight. Several months ago, the gym at my apartment complex removed the scale. I don't know why, and I don't know what they did with it. I do know that every time I stepped on it, the maintenance men timed their arrival to coincide with those little red numbers blinking my weight. Geez, get your own damn number!
I've been thinking about getting a scale of my own for my bathroom so I can weigh myself in the buff (to get a true reading). Isn't that expression the greatest? ;)
But, like I wrote before, I don't want to be a slave to the scale. I don't want to feel obligated by daily weigh-ins or pressure to lower the number I see. I've been enjoying the health benefits of eating well by choice, making healthy decisions when I'm away from my meticulous kitchen, and challenging myself to do better on the weekends. For the most part, all of this goes well, but I'd still like to monitor my weight.
Caroline jokes that I'm the only person she knows who can step on a scale "wrong," step off, step on again, and have gained weight. No lie -- one time I stepped on the scale in her bathroom at home, peed, and somehow weighed 17 pounds more than I had the first time. How the hell is that possible?!

All joking and indecision aside, I know I've lost at least 15 pounds since I began this endeavor. I probably could have lost more by now with a program like Weight Watchers, but I feel trapped just by the idea of counting points and having weekly weigh-ins. I don't want my health to be a guessing game, but perhaps in my optimistic naivete, I feel as though I've gained superior health benefit from making personal choices rather than feeling as though Big Brother is monitoring every calorie. Plus, my blog serves as an accountability booster. Nope, I certainly don't have to post pictures of indulgent desserts or grease-coated pizza, but being honest with myself feels far more genuine than being honest with a points program or eating prepackaged frozen meals.

Disclaimer: I'm not dumping on your diet! I'm just not a "diet" kind of chick. If you're doing WW "because it works," rock on. If you lap up Atkins meals or Nutrisystem protein shakes, keep on keepin' on. I'm doing what works for me, just as you're doing what works for you. Cheers to the both of us with a Vitamin Water!

P.S. If you have a scale in your home, how often do you weigh yourself? If you do not weigh yourself at home, how often do you weigh yourself? If you don't care what the scale says, how did you become comfortable with the decision not to weigh yourself regularly?


Emily said...

My thoughts on the scale are simple: It is a piece of machinery sent here straight from Hell! I own one, and I have become a slave to it (I usually step on it 2-3 times a day, it's disgusting). I've thought so many times about getting rid of it, but just haven't gone through with it yet. What I keep having to remind myself of is that a number is just a number. What really matters is looking and FEELING good & healthy. If I look and feel like I weigh 130 but the scale actually says 250 then who cares about the number, what's important is that I feel good. Long story short: DONT BUY A SCALE because it's the Devil hahaha

Girl Emerging said...

Thanks for your comment, love! I noticed you were reading, and I really appreciate you taking the time to write :) I have a feeling if I buy one, I'll step on it literally every time I enter or exit the bathroom. I couldn't agree more about the number -- for the longest time, I couldn't believe my weight because I FELT so much better than what it said. Now, it's really starting to come down and so are my clothing sizes, but that doesn't matter as much to me as how great I've been feeling! Thanks for this <3

Emily said...

That's what I have been doing - LITERALLY every time I enter or exit the bathroom I step on it. Some days it really makes me feel good, and then other days it completely screws up my confidence. It's all about feeling good :) and when the number DOES drop it's just an added bonus. Keep up the GREAT work!

gilesi68 said...
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