Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Revolutionary Revelation

This morning I was totally not stoked about pretty much dreading the gym. It was a weight training day, it was a Wednesday, it was below 60 degrees, I knew I was pushed for time, I hadn't slept well, I needed to wash all the linens before I went grocery shopping... I had a host of other excuses. It still makes me chuckle a bit when I think about how I used to live for weight training days so I wouldn't have to go near that goshdarn dreadmill. These days, a great run is exactly what I crave.
Monday and Tuesday had been great runs, and I had runs planned for Thursday and Friday, with Friday being another 45-minute run (my longest yet). I don't usually cram so many running days together, but traveling on the weekends means condensing my training schedule quite a bit.

So I tried something revolutionary -- I didn't go.

I must say, it was relieving. I didn't feel guilty. I didn't feel as though I were wasting time. I didn't have to bargain with the devil or resign myself to eating only crackers and water today. I just didn't go. I got my morning started, I got the laundry started, and I even found a few minutes to remind myself that my body needs rest just as much as it thrives on physical activity.

I read many blog posts a week which are divided between the hardcores who never miss a day in the gym or an opportunity for exercise, and those who prioritize fitness but don't get their panties in a wad if they choose to miss a day here or there. I used to be the former, but I'd like to consider myself part of the latter group. Fitness and physical activity are important to me, especially on my journey to lose weight, but fitness is multidimensional and it's personal. I value well-rounded fitness more so than a bragging point of 365 days in the gym.
And so, with that, I'm off to put to good use the free hour I've just given myself. Have a wonderful Wednesday, and don't be too hard on yourself today!


Parita said...

Love this post because I believe in finding a balance between the gym and life. Healthy living isn't just about how many miles you run or how many reps you can do, but about how you incoprorate all the differennt elements to create a life that makes you happy. And sometimes that will mean NOT going to the gym and that's ok!! :) Glad you didn't feel shouldn't!!

Girl Emerging said...

Thank you so much, Parita! Your words of wisdom are quite true :) I'm truly inspired by the blogging community -- like you, for example. You seem to have struck the perfect balance. Thanks for your encouragement!