Thursday, March 1, 2012

There's a First Time for Everything

Yesterday was full of firsts; four, to be exact.

First, I skipped a meal for the first time in a long time. It didn't completely happen on purpose, but I also didn't actively plan my meals well. I ate brunch at 11:30, knowing I'd need to eat again before I met a classmate at 2:00. I couldn't find anything tasty to eat before I left, so I stuck a Clif bar and a Vitamin Water in my purse and headed out. I expected my blood sugar to drop, but I didn't find myself getting noticeably hungry until 4:00. I'm not a regular meal-skipper. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I missed a meal yesterday.
Second, I taped a 15-minute "counseling" session with a classmate, about which I'd been anxious for a week. My partner was very relaxed, so we dove right into it. It only took 3 takes before I felt really satisfied with my result. The last time I taped a session, the requirement was only 5 minutes, and it took a different classmate and me 5.5 hours for both of us to feel comfortable with our results. This is no reflection on my previous partner, but rather self-reflection on becoming more comfortable with the skills I'm learning.
This classmate and I had never worked closely together before, and it was very enjoyable. I love making new friends :)

Third, I put on my Big Girl Pants and put air in my tires entirely by myself. This may seem second nature to some people, but it's always made me nervous before, even when someone has assisted me.
Lastly, I ate alone in a restaurant (relatively speaking), and I was completely comfortable with it. I was craving a Chik-Fil-A salad like nobody's business, and Sheetz and Chik-Fil-A just so happen to be right next to one another. It was just the ticket on top of a great day!
Chik'n Strips Salad, a medium Fruit Cup, and a small Diet Lemonade

I'm not sure why chicken is the only meat I've been interested in trying, but that's another first.
The restaurant was packed to the hilt and the drive-thru line was out of control, so I was proud of myself for choosing to eat alone and for not feeling uncomfortable in a crowded restaurant.

A bunch of firsts really does a lot for the self-esteem :) Happy Thursday!

P.S. Have you experienced any firsts recently?
 P.P.S. As it's also the first of the month, that means it's time to set that 50-mile running goal again! I completed 41.83 miles in February. I love the smell of a challenge in the morning ;)

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