Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"You're Hot, Then You're Cold..."

Nah, sorry. This post actually has nothing to do with Katy Perry. It has everything to do with my big toe! I'm actually not joking...
The squeamish should look away!
The weak of stomach should click out!
The faint of heart should read no further!
Okay, you get the picture. If you're still reading, you're about to see some frank and unsavory pictures of my humiliating injuries. If you read Fraturday & Funday you know that I hurt my knees, my toe, and my ego pretty badly on Saturday evening. The fact is, I did more than bruise. This was taken after four days' healing:
It may not look that bad, but I'm missing the vast majority of my right knee. I also had no idea the area would swell and stiffen to the point that bending my knee (and sitting still in class for 2.5 hours at a time) was albeit impossible.
Ian (and probably others) will tell you that I'm a huge baby when it comes to pain. I flat-out refused to allow him to clean the wounds with alcohol pads or peroxide. I cringed and winced through his entire drawn-out process of applying Neosporin and bandages to the cuts. I whined the next day and limped around campus. Definitely indicative of a baby, yes? As it turns out, I wasn't a baby for naught! These cuts happened through my jeans and my Uggs. I wouldn't have thought it possible to bust your toenail through a knitted boot...
I'm not sure what's going on with my toe, but it seemed like everything was going swimmingly until today. All hopes are that tomorrow will be better.

I may not be great at handling pain, but I was firm about continuing my workouts this week. I thought that some exercise would help me feel better about not being able to initiate 5K training as I had planned, plus sweat out some frustration (and whining!). Running has been out of the question all week, especially since walking is only now beginning to feel more natural.
Despite all of this wallowing, I didn't allow my self-pity to stop me from hitting the gym! I completed my strength training workout on Monday, minus the stretches and planks. On Tuesday, things were feeling pretty great, so I did 4 miles (about 30 minutes) on the elliptical. Today I completed an almost-back-to-normal strength training circuit.
I've been icing my knees and my toe after my workouts in the morning, before class (when my knees tend to stiffen and swell a lot), and before bed. I soak as often and as long as I can when I have time for baths. Ian recommended soaks in Epsom salts, but I haven't had time to grab any.
My long-distance accountability buddy, Lauren, and I are still hoping to begin 5K training on Monday. If you have any tips besides regular alternating of heat and ice plus rest, I'd love to hear 'em!

P.S. Have you ever suffered an injury that forced you to stop or alter your exercise routine? How did you compensate for missed workouts?
P.P.S. Sorry about the gross pics!

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