Saturday, January 7, 2012


You know when someone you don't know does something really nice, completely unexpectedly, and it brightens your whole day? Sometimes it brightens my whole outlook on people.
I'm not sure whether I believe people are inherently good or bad, but I am sure that anyone can swing either way.
Today, on our way into the Roanoke vs. Hampden-Sydney game, the man in front of us in the ticket line kept turning around to look at us while he fumbled around in his pockets.
Ian had offered to run by an ATM before the game to get cash in case tickets weren't free -- and they weren't -- but I had $20, so I agreed to cover the game in exchange for Starbuck's afterward ;)
The man continued to turn around and look at us as I emerged from my wristlet with a $20 bill.
Finally, as we reached the ticket table, he turned around and whispered to me, "Here -- this pass lets in one person plus one guest. Just give it back to me when we get inside," and he slipped a small maroon card into my hand.
Sure enough, it was a Roanoke College basketball season pass, admit one plus one guest.
I flashed it to the girls selling tickets, feeling kind of dishonest, but feeling too surprised to refuse the man's offer.
As we entered the gym, he reached his hand behind his back for the pass, turned to look at me, and said, "Merry Christmas!"
He only saved us $8, but his act of random kindness made my entire day.

It only takes a spark...

P.S. What has someone done for you recently that unexpectedly helped you out and brightened your day?
P.P.S. This Caramel Brule Latte and Peppermint cake pop gave my day extra "oomph" too!

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