Thursday, January 5, 2012

He's Got a "Monopoly" on My Heart

Here's the thing... At least I warned you that I adore bad puns.
Last night, I received an exciting package from KMart, Intl. -- the "Here and Now" edition of electronic banking Monopoly. Or so I thought...

Anyone who also follows me on Twitter knows I've been desperately seeking this game.
Why? Ian, his brother Tyler, and one of their good friends, Logan, and I played it incessantly in OBX last summer. Logan had played it in his Economics class, so he and Tyler ran out and bought it at Wal-Mart in Corolla when Mario Party 5 bored us. I've been playing the game since I was in elementary school. I must say, I'm pretty damn good.
Hey, when your dad's an accountant and a financial planner, playing Monopoly is just the beginning.
Logan and Ty got me hooked on the electronic banking with the modern properties, debit cards, and tokens.
I asked Santa for the game for Christmas, naively thinking that there could only possibly be one electronic banking edition and that Santa and his elves at Target could read my mind and know exactly which version I wanted. WRONG!

Santa got the game that he thought I wanted, but our telepathy must have been malfunctioning.
Nevermind that. Santa wasn't offended in the least that I wanted to return it and search for the correct version. In my quest post-Christmas, Santa and I visited no fewer than 3 Targets, 2 Wal-Marts, and 2 Toys 'R Uses, and I called no fewer than 3 stores around Richmond. No luck.

My family has been driven insane now that I have ordered the game online from 3 different reputable vendors, and received 3 copies of the same game Santa brought me originally.
So where does this nightmare end?

Ian, God bless his soul, was bored last night -- and probably scared to death of my maniacal rants about a board game -- so he drove around the Roanoke area and found the game at 2 different stores.
Needless to say, random acts of kindness and the little things in our relationship are what make me love this mug so much.
[Again, please ignore the date stamps on these; I know not what my camera does when I turn my back.]

And there you have it.
This guy is one of the good ones.

P.S. When I journey to Roanoke tomorrow, I'll update you on whether the 2 games he reserved at 2 different stores are suitable for my pickiness! ;)


Colleen Whitney said...

Loving all the new pictures!! And I love monopoly as well :) Ian sounds like a keeper!

THIS Girl said...

Thanks!! I took your advice on pictures and an "About Me" section. I'm still working on the layout and the basics -- I'm SO not tech-savvy, so that's where I'm having the biggest hitches. Any advice you have would be great!
Ian is a keeper ;)