Sunday, January 8, 2012


Being that I'm a huge nerd and a hopeless romantic, I was ecstatic when Ian texted me from across the room last night: "Star tomorrow?"
Roanoke has a beautiful lighted star on Mill Mountain, overlooking the entire city and several mountains. We've been up to "The Star" nearly every time I've visited in the past 2 years, ever since Ian introduced me to it. Truly, it's majestic. These photos don't do it justice.
I'm definitely a creature of habit. The Star has got me hooked.

One of our favorite pastimes when I visit Roanoke and when we summer in OBX is playing "Mario Party." This visit was no exception, even though Tyler wasn't here to stomp us in mini-games.
Prepare yourself for the nerdery.
Ian's very strategic when it comes to video games, so he usually has a plan to carry Team Shroommates (he's Toad, I'm Toadette, the computer chooses the names of the teams). We set Princess Peach and Daisy (Team Lordly Ladies) on Brutal Difficulty -- a level we fully expected to beat.
I'll spare you the dorky deets, but we lost in the last 3 turns due purely to chance. The Lordly Ladies exchanged their 0 stars for our 4 hard-earned stars. We were pissed.
But, the loss was nothing a small piece of key lime pie and a Tropical Citrus Vitamin Water couldn't fix ;)

P.S. Is there a video game you like (or used to like) to play?
P.P.S. As I journey back home tomorrow to spend time with Caroline and her roommate who is visiting, there likely will be no post. Have a happy Monday!


gilesi68 said...

I love you. And I love this weekend that we get to share. You're amazing!!!

Plain Jane said...

My cousin's husband proposed to her at the star...every time I go there I think of them. So romantic!

Girl Emerging said...

My thoughts exactly ;)