Saturday, January 21, 2012

(Un)Fabulous Friday in FarmVegas

For those of you who aren't familiar, this is the name Farmville has been dubbed. For obvious reasons.
It's a tiny town in "the heart of Virginia."
It's home to two colleges totaling fewer than 6,000 students.
It has one main drag, which, of course, is called Main Street.
It doesn't have nearly enough parking, and there is nowhere to shop.
But it's one of my favorite places on Earth.
As soon as we lugged my four bags -- yes, for one weekend -- up the four flights of stairs to Ian's room, I saw this gem waiting in his La-Z-Boy, "To my Valentine":
And inside, was the surprise Ian's been hinting about for several weeks. For Valentine's Day (well, February 17) Ian is treating me to The Lion King on Broadway at the Landmark Theatre, plus dinner at my choice of restaurant! I had mentioned wanting to see it when we were downtown in December, and he has a knack for remembering things like that and making them happen in a very special way.
Is he a keeper, or what? ;)
Ian and I were supposed to have dinner and bowling plans with this frat star:
But tragically, he had an emergency party to crash... Or something like that.
No matter. We ventured out in the yucky rain mix for endless chips and salsa and a pitcher of Dos Equis at El Patron.
Again, we were met with disappointment -- the restaurant wasn't serving any adult beverages. So, water it was. At least it's free. We were pretty hungry by the time our food arrived, so I forgot to snap a pic. The shrimp Chimichangas with fresh veggies, refried beans, and grilled onions never disappoint.

Lastly, our bowling plans fell through. And to think that I would have finally enjoyed Main Street Lanes for the first time since Parents' Weekend of 2007...
As Kenny Chesney says, "No real problems we needed to drown, but we tried our best anyway..."
There wasn't much going on, so we settled in with our old friend Coors to watch a couple of classics: "Beerfest" and "Jurassic Park."
It seems that Saturday will be a little more happenin', so I'll surely have more to write about after a good night's sleep and a dining hall egg white omelette ;)

P.S. Are you good at dealing with disappointment and rollin' with the punches? Ian and Mom always tell me I need to get better so I won't be a total Bridezilla when the time comes! Are you one of those fantastic event planners who can develop new plans in a snap? I'm working on it!

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