Monday, January 30, 2012

New Day, 5K

It seems that a lot of healthy living bloggers and readers are tired of everyone posting pictures, semi-novels, and extensive discussions of what they ate, how they prepared it, where they ate it, with whom they ate it, etc. Well, I'm new to this game, and I'm enjoying posting these sorts of things.
I've seen lots of bloggers posting W.I.A.W. (What I Ate Wednesday) and other types of weekly gigs, but I think I'll stick with my same-old-same (for now). I'm actually enjoying reading labels, calculating vitamins and minerals, meal-planning and mindful grocery shopping, researching tips and exercise regimens, and living a healthy, energized lifestyle.

On that note, I began my 5K training program this morning with my long-distance accountability buddy, Lauren!
We're working on different programs, but we're still working toward the same 5K goal. She's a perfect buddy for me, because we're both novice runners.
Today's plan called for a 15-minute run, which sounded great to me. Easy, actually. As I mentioned previously, I like the gradual nature of this program, as well as its increasing time (as opposed to distance) increments. Dad and I are talking about participating in some 5Ks this spring and summer, and so are Lauren and I. Dad reminded me not to think of them so much as a "race," but rather a philanthropy event. I'm quite familiar with philanthropy... Ronald McDonald House, anyone? Most of the Richmond-based events are looking for high participation rates and contribution to a cause, rather than the world's fastest sprinters. I can really appreciate his perspective while, at the same time, still wanting to complete a 5K sans walk breaks. Everybody has to start somewhere!

As of today, I'm 0.66 miles away from accomplishing my goal of 25 miles in the last 15 days of January. Tomorrow is supposed to be an "off" day, but as it's the last day of the month, I'm planning to use it to power-walk and do some strength training.

As far as mental well-being is concerned, I registered for the 2012 V.A.C.E.S. Graduate Student Conference this morning, which will be held February 25 at Lynchburg College. The conference, which is a subset of the Virginia Counselors Association, will feature 35 workshop sessions, 10 poster presentations, and participants from 12 counselor education programs. I can't say I'm thrilled to spend 7 hours on a Saturday at a conference, but there are always the prospects of networking, learning about my chosen field, and taking advantage of opportunities that are right in front of me. Besides, two of my closest graduate school friends, Jennifer and Kristin, will be right there beside me.
If you are in a counselor education program or you are considering such a program, the conference costs $30, which includes a continental breakfast and lunch. Click here for more information.

I'm off to enjoy some of my new cereal topped with fresh blueberries and Truvia, plus a Chobani and some Dunkin, of course! Have a happy Monday!

P.S. Have you ever participated in or attended a professional conference? If so, was your experience positive or negative? Would you attend an all-day conference on a Saturday?

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