Saturday, January 14, 2012

How Etienne Aigner Broke My Heart, and How Anne Klein Saved the Day

Just as I was on a frantic hunt for the "Here and Now" edition of electronic banking Monopoly, I've been searching just as hard for a pair of sexy brown leather boots. I didn't ask for them for Christmas, and I'm all about January sales -- you know, when stores are simultaneously displaying puffy jackets with fur hoods and skimpy bikinis. Quite the sassy combo.
I was reminded on Tuesday evening by a friend that I never updated y'all on my Monopoly quest (as promised), so I'll begin there.

When I arrived in Roanoke last Friday evening, Ian and I continued my Monopoly quest at the Toys 'R Us where he had put the store's only copy of the game on hold in the Candy Room (whatever that is). We asked the first crotchety employee we saw to check for us; she couldn't find it, nor could I'm-On-My-Smoke-Break Joe. The grumpy pair of them looked "everywhere" before locating the game behind the Customer Service counter. Surprise, surprise. Needless to say, I wanted to cry. Here it was, in my hands, at long last, and on sale for $27.99!
Obvi, I bought it, accompanied by a gift receipt at Ian's insistence. As I mentioned previously, the version Ian located for me is slightly different than Tyler's version that we played in OBX. Ian suggested that we just text Tyler to ask him if I could trade this brand new game (plus that handy gift receipt) for his exact copy.
He couldn't have cared less, so I finally have Monopoly! Case CLOSED. Whew!

Now, about Etienne Aigner and how he booted me out...
[I really have a soft spot for bad puns]
Caroline, Allie, Ruth and I dined at Chili's one night this past week and then wandered over to Short Pump to check out their sales on boots. We tried Saxon and Dillard's without any luck. I was practically drooling over checking out a pair of Coach loafers at Macy's when I saw them:
It was like some sort of holy light was illuminating them. This picture doesn't do them justice. They were on sale for $189, but they were only available in sizes 5.5 and 10, and I was exhausted. I called it a night on the search.
I'd been boot-shopping at probably 10 different stores over the span of two weeks before I finally lucked into the Aigner Gilberts again Thursday at a different Macy's.
I truly never anticipated that they wouldn't fit. I mean, they were the perfect boots for me! The saleswoman brought me an 8.5 and a 9, and she and my mom and I all three tried to zip them up without zipping my skin into them. The right boot fit -- barely -- and the left boot didn't.
How. Mortifying.
As it turns out, my left calf is bigger than my right one. Guess that's what I get for neglecting the gym for so long! The boots, gorgeous as they were, would not fit, and couldn't be zipped without the help of at least one person. I'm sure we looked like quite the spectacle!
What use to me are [beautiful] boots that I can't zip by myself? :(

Enter Ms. Klein.
Keep it sleek and versatile in these tall shaft boots.
I had seen a beautiful pair of Anne Kleins in my repetitive travels around the shoe section, trying to loosen up the Gilberts. When I finally admitted to myself, as well as my exceptionally patient mother and the saleswoman, that the Gilberts definitely wouldn't fit, I somewhat grudgingly decided to buy the Carlenes. At least they have my initials ;)
I owe my mom big time for running us an hour late to grocery shop and make dinner.

So, that's my boot-buying saga. If only I were less picky! If only I had less expensive taste... It is what it is.
Even though Etienne Aigner broke my heart a little bit, Anne Klein saved the day!

P.S. Are you picky when it comes to expensive purchases? I'm definitely a penny-pincher! Are you able to give up something easily that you've really wanted? It's hard for me to get a grip on second choices.
P.P.S. Thanks for stopping by Girl Emerging today!

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