Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fraturday & Funday

Boy, was I right! There was a lot more going on on Saturday than there was on Friday. First, I had to navigate a sea of hungover guys in flip flops and towels in the bathroom -- the perks of dating someone who attends an all-male school with, obviously, all-male dorms. Then, it was recruitment weekend for the football team, so the dining hall was overrun with hashbrown-craving, Nike suit-wearing, Gatorade-guzzling meatheads. It didn't matter, though. The dining hall had everything I needed to begin my day wonderfully:
Apparently, Ian felt the same way...
I wish I were joking when I tell you that he will not pose for pictures. This was the posed response I got when I said, "Hey, let me take a picture of you for the blog!"

I was still stuck on wanting to go bowling, and Ian & Co. were stuck on dinner at BWW. It's not really my thing, but I can't complain about their fish tacos or Woodchuck Amber on tap.
 He's actually smiling!
 There are legitimate times when beer is drunk through a straw, right?

Then it was finally time to bowl. Ian and I and three others played two goofy games. These were not the only culprits for my combined score of 174... Oops.
Clumsily being me, I tripped over what was probably a shadow on the sidewalk and face-planted in front of Ian's fraternity house a few hours later. In the process, I blew the knee out of my favorite new pair of jeans, scraped my palms, completely jacked up my big toe, and lost most of the skin off of my knees. Ian whipped out his RA kit, his paramedic skills kicked in, and he got down to business.
I must say, all in all, it was a pretty great Saturday -- extreme soreness aside!

Today I was feeling less than stellar, but I knew I needed to lock it up so I could enjoy CPC sorority Walk this afternoon. One of my favorite people in the entire world was accepting a bid, but I wouldn't know it was to my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, until 5:30.
Anne is the cute tiny brunette running toward the pack of screaming girls in blue and white.
I also got to visit with some of these beautiful ladies for awhile:
I'm proud to report that our ADPi chapter now has 17 beautiful new members -- way to rock recruitment, Epsilon Chi! Being with my sisters at Longwood feels as close to being home as anything (outside of my true home).
Everybody say, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

P.S. I hope your weekend was absolutely fantastic!
P.P.S. Due to a very sore toe and some pretty banged up knees, my plan for beginning 5K training may have to wait a few days. Operation Recuperate is in full-swing ;)

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