Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Old Habits Die Hard

Midnight Taco Bell.
That sounds pretty unexciting, right?
Wrong. It can be a fabulous time.
Over the past few winter breaks, it's become a tradition of my sister's and mine to venture out to Taco Bell late at night, just once, and enjoy a "Mexican" feast.
It's cheap, delicious, and it feels naughty.

What underclassman undergraduate doesn't experiment with the guilty pleasures of late-night food? In Farmville, we had Sheetz, Domino's, Papa John's, Taco Bell, McDonald's, and a host of other non-nutritious sources of gratification.
I just left my undergraduate eating habits behind in May of 2011, so I don't even have a high horse to consider coming down from. Sorry for the preposition sentence-ender.
Being that my sister, one of my best friends, and my boyfriend are still undergraduates (and being that my eating habits this break have already been beyond horrid), I figured, Why not keep the tradition alive?

Caroline, her roommate Allie, and I had been planning a Midnight Taco Bell adventure since Allie and Caroline formalized their plans for Allie's visit.
We donned our warm jackets and our Uggs (or in Caroline's case, ballet flats with Christmas socks and sweatpants...), and trudged out in a rainy mess at 11:00 p.m. last night.
I ordered the Nachos Supreme and 2 Cheese Roll-Ups -- we'd had dinner at 6:30, I wasn't especially hungry, and I've gotten out of the notion of eating so late at night. Eight o'clock is usually my cut-off point, since I have class until 7:00 and then a short commute.
My camera was experiencing technical difficulties -- not uncommon -- and I'm unable to upload the picture I took on my cell.

Upon getting our Taco Bell gloriousness home and unwrapped, I honestly wasn't that enticed. The nachos involve beef atop what was supposed to be a "hearty" serving of tortilla chips. I decided to eat some of the beef to see whether it's a food I'd like to incorporate into my new diet. It made me feel downright gross (I won't dish the deets) this morning, so definitely no beef for me.
The Cheese Roll-Ups were satisfying, though the Mild sauce was spicier than I remembered it being. How lame am I?

In the end, I guess old habits can die. Perhaps the Midnight Taco Bell adventures can retire to the books, and I can leave the late-night feasts to the current UGs.

P.S. Is there a fast food restaurant you crave late at night? Do you ever allow yourself to indulge?

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