Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Almost Chickened Out

Today, I experienced something new. Mom, Caroline and I took a break from aimlessly shopping to meet Dad at Chik-Fil-A for lunch. I usually order the Chicken Strips salad, large waffle fries, and a soda, and I bypass the chicken part. Today, however, I decided to actually eat the chicken as a part of my decision-making process in potentially going omnivorous... As a nod to healthier eating in 2012, I skipped the fries and ordered a Diet Coke. Woohoo!
Please disregard the date on the picture.
I did, however, order my favorite dressing, blue cheese, to adorn my first taste of chicken in a long while. I figured, if I'm going to experience meat-eating again, I might as well dive head-first into a salad I know and love, and top it with the chicken America bemoans isn't available on Sundays. So, here's my salad, in all its caloric glory. I must say, it was delicious! I did not experience any of the stomach issues some of my vegetarian friends have warned may happen when one eats meat after being long-time meatless.

I still haven't made a firm decision about leaving vegetarianism behind me. Some would say that by having continued to eat seafood and by eating meat today, I am no longer officially a vegetarian. Ironically, I'm considering opposite-pole decisions: going omnivorous again, or eliminating all forms of meat from my diet (meaning not eating real meat or soy protein products). Currently, neither prospect sounds right for me. I may need to experiment before deciding on a more permanent diet. Any suggestions?

P.S. I'm looking for suggestions, critiques, criticisms, or whatever you've got about how to make this blog more fun, more tech-savvy, and more sophisticated! Thanks for reading :)

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Colleen Whitney said...

I love you, I love this blog, I love your writing style! One tip? Maybe add an "About Me" page. That's the first thing most people look for when they visit a blog. And add a picture or two of your gorgeous face! :)