Saturday, January 28, 2012

Breakfast, Burritos, and Basketball

This morning I awoke to creepy whispering in my ear: "Make me muffinssss..."
I was like, 'Cuz I'm not tryin' to sleep, here!
Nevertheless, those Fiber One blueberry muffins in the cupboard were definitely calling my name, so I popped out of bed at the much unanticipated hour of 10:00 on a Saturday! (I'm very big on sleeping in.)
I didn't realize that I was slightly ill-equipped to make muffins, until...
Tupperware doesn't make muffins taste different, right?
As it turns out, I also didn't have large muffin trays. I think mini-muffins are cuter, anyway!
 Ian was like, "Okay, you just do it!"
This delight, plus a pomegranate Chobani, began my day perfectly!

We headed out in the sunshine and breezy warmth to the Hampden-Sydney at Randolph College b-ball game. It was definitely a nail-biter! I love a good cheering-and-screaming, pom-pom-waving, trash-talking, referee-cursing game. We got what we wanted, and Ian's prediction was exactly right: The team was down all game, they made a miraculous comeback, and they lost... one point.
It was a heart-breaking loss, but a very exhilarating game.
We were ravenous at 4:00, so we headed to an old favorite from Farmville, Moe's! They have great vegetarian options with lots of fresh veggies and even tofu.
My "Unanimous Decision" was one hard shell and one soft shell, stuffed with brown rice, lettuce, tomato, a pinch of cheese, a dollop of sour cream and guac, black olives, and fresh pico de gallo. Mmm! I couldn't help myself -- the salsa bar is to die for.

An early dinner makes for two very hungry people, so we get the opportunity tonight to try out some fresh snacks, like blueberries and my new Otria Greek yogurt dip and blue corn tortilla chips. Update on love/hate to come.
The movie of choice for tonight--a win again for me--is "Friends with Benefits." Score! Have a good one, my friends.

P.S. Moe's or Qdoba or Chipotle? Pico or salsa? Sour cream or plain yogurt?


Lauren Gabor said...

I am a huge fan of Moe's and an easy way to control your portion size there (because they are oh so generous) is to order a kids meal. Personally, I enjoy the Moo Moo Mr. Cow (kids burrito) with chicken, black beans, pico, mushrooms, a pinch of cheese and sourcream. The best part about the kids meal is you get a kids cup with a neon bendy straw!

AK, if you want to (and please do) when you use my name could you link it to my Visual CV? :)

Girl Emerging said...

I agree about their generous portions! The amount of chips they give you to-go is ri-DIC-u-lous! Who wouldn't want a neon bendy straw?! I will link you up, girl ;)