Friday, January 20, 2012

Picture Day

"Alright, so, tomorrow is Picture Day. Everyone make sure to remember your money. And don't forget to brush your hair!"
Remember those days from elementary school? The huge boxes of black plastic combs, the moms who licked their fingers before they "adjusted" your hair (i.e. gave everybody a comb-over), the uncomfortable dress clothes you had to bear all day long without messing up...
Well, this is a little bit different. I'll be visiting this mug this weekend, so I thought today would be a prime day to post some pics!
[As always, please disregard the date stamps -- 2032? Really?]
As you can tell, this is one goofy guy -- who doesn't like to pose for pictures... like, ever.
I'm stoked to be visiting him this weekend at Hampden-Sydney. See, because he's still an UG, I still have one more semester to enjoy the UG lifestyle on the weekend, while acting like an adult during the week ;)

We have some pretty fab plans: dinner and football at Buffalo Wild Wings (they have phenomenal veggie burgers, believe it or not), perhaps a visit to the fraternity house for some adult beverages, staying up late and sleeping in late, egg white omelettes and truly fresh-squeezed OJ in the dining hall (wait... am I admitting to missing the dining hall?!), meeting up with Longwood friends we haven't seen in awhile, and a wonderful (rainy) weekend together! I'm fortunate that I go to school just an hour away from Ian, which allows us to visit each other nearly every weekend. It doesn't feel like a "long-distance" relationship like I thought it would after 2 years of going to school 10 minutes apart. Needless to say, I'm pretty enthused about seeing this big ole dork tomorrow after two weeks apart.
Hope you and yours have a wonderful weekend! :)

P.S. Have you ever dated someone younger than you? Fun fact: Ian's born May 17, I was born December 17, and we are exactly 17 months apart in age! What are the odds? ;)
P.P.S. T-minus 4 days until I begin my 5K training program!

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