Friday, June 1, 2012


One of the things I always find most fascinating about vacations is that almost instantly, I don't need technology. I go from my phone practically having grafted itself to my hand and my computer being a permanent appendage to not needing any of it in about two-point-five seconds.
My dad always used to say, "We're leaving the real world," as we crested a huge hill on the way to a Rappahannock River cottage we frequented. Ian's dad, Jimmy, said something similar as we caravanned on the way to Rodanthe on Saturday. I wish it wasn't "back to the real world" in 24 hours, but I suppose a perfect vacation has to come to an end sometime...
"Wait... we're not staying here forever?"
Sure, I might tote my iPod down to the beach and doze to some tunes, or we might play a few games of Mario Party. And of course, there's the trusty Dell, without which I could not have gotten back into my blogging groove this week. But I don't feel as though I need these items like I do during the academic year or planning ahead over the summer. 

I think I've checked my cell a total of five times over the past six days, and only then because my sister was in Italy and then traveling back to Virginia. For one thing, the person I text and call most often is sitting right beside me. But I love knowing that essentially, if I'm out of touch technologically, I'm out of touch with the world. There's something alluring about knowing that lying on the warm sand somewhere, very few people know where I am. I don't need to be checking my email, I don't need to be looking ahead on my syllabi, I don't have textbook pages to read or classmates' demanding emails requiring an immediate response. If anyone truly needs to get in touch with me, I'm sure he or she will find a way, despite my best attempts at obscurity and anonymity.

Along with the end of this vacation comes the end of homemade meals like this one (my compliments to Chef Tyler and Chefette Liz), which put Ian's and my fiesta night to shame:
Also, the puzzle was completed yesterday afternoon while I was in a sun-induced coma. I can only lay claim to two pieces I found and placed:
Time to soak up the last few hours of sunshine and relaxation! Ta ta! :)

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