Thursday, June 14, 2012

Inclined to Disagree (Disinclined to Agree?)

I'll be straight with you -- using the incline on the treadmill does not appeal to me. I feel like I'm going to slide right off the back! Also, the treadmills at my apartment complex gym have a tendency to get stuck on an incline if the exerciser doesn't relax the incline prior to stopping the treadmill. I've actually seen repairmen in the gym, disassembling more than one treadmill because some lazy-ass couldn't be bothered to return the incline to "0.0" before hopping off. Tsk, tsk.

This morning, I was just so not feelin' the gym. Actually, this entire week has been that way, but I know I need to keep my hiney in gear. The past two weeks have been extremely sedentary; I have class 4:30-7:45 Monday through Thursday, and I'm completing assignments when I'm not in class or commuting. I'll be surprised if, at the end of next week, my butt hasn't grafted itself to my beautiful red couch, where I've set up shop. It's not that I've been lazy, per se. It's that I've allowed myself to move a lot less than I normally do. For example, on Tuesday, class was cancelled. I left my apartment in the afternoon to put gas in my car just so I could tell myself I left the apartment that day (other than working out in the a.m.) -- is that sad, or what?!

This week I tried to shake my workouts up a bit so I could disguise my disinterest in the gym. One morning, I had an incredible impromptu strength training session. One morning, I selected the Hills Plus option on the elliptical and high-tailed it up and over Mount Kilimanjaro. One morning, I pulled off some sort of weird mash-up of planks, weight machines, free weights, and medicine ball sit-ups. I think I threw a pyramid run in there somewhere. Today, however, I decided to tackle that &%$#@!) incline. Let me tell you something -- I kicked my own ass, but it hurts so good.

I adapted this workout from Julie's 40-minute Lazy Girl Workout over at PB Fingers:
Minute     Incline     Pace
0-4          7.5          4.0
4-9          1.0          6.0
9-13         7.5         3.5
13-18       1.0         6.0
18-22       7.5         3.5
22-25       2.0         6.0
25-26       1.0         5.0
26-30       1.0         3.0
30-33       7.5         3.5
33-35       2.0         5.0
35-36       2.0         6.0
36-40       0.0         3.0

Let me just say... that incline does make a difference, and it certainly keeps things interesting. I covered 2.91 miles and burned 467 calories! It hurts so good...

P.S. Are you a fan of the incline? If so, do you have a favorite workout you're willing to share with me? I'd love to kick my own ass again soon!

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