Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Can't Believe She's Twenty

In 48 hours, my "baby" sister will be twenty years old.
It seems ridiculously hard to believe, but in reality, we're ready for how old she is.
This is the girl who was accepted to 10 out of the 10 colleges to which she applied.
This is the girl who was a multi-sport athlete in high school (lacrosse, tennis, softball, girls' basketball manager...).
This is the girl who won't settle for less than what she knows she deserves.
This is the girl who carves her own path and refuses to live in the shadows of others.
This is the girl who speaks up with her own voice and doesn't compromise her morals.
This is the girl who's defying the "dumb sorority girl" stereotype, one A at a time.
This is the girl I couldn't be more proud to call my sister or my best friend.

She's beautiful, she's smart, and she's sassy!
I wish I wasn't going to be in class on my sister's actual birthday, but hey, that's why we've been celebrating for three days ;)
Today, I wish you, Caroline, the happiest of birthdays! You deserve all the best and more.