Saturday, June 30, 2012


Smith Mountain Lake is sort of an institution for the Lew Crew. We've been going since my sister and I were in elementary school. We used to vacation annually at the same spot in the same house, but we also used to switch SML up with the Rappahannock River for vacation spots. We haven't been to the lake in a few years.

I clearly remember the last time we visited; I was the Scholarship Chair for my sorority, I had just received the previous semester's grades, and I was trying my damndest on my prehistoric SmartPhone to read and interpret an Excel document. While on a houseboat. Nerding hard. But, I digress.

Starting tomorrow, the Lew Crew, my sister's and my "shared" best friend Anne, and Ian (for a few days) will be on Lake Time. This year, we're staying on the Bedford County side, which will be interesting for several reasons, not the least of which is the half-million people currently without power due to last night's storm... It'll also be interesting using -- wait for it -- dialup Internet! Some people who rent out vacation homes like to keep the atmosphere more "rustic" for those who truly want to feel like they're leaving the Real World and entering Vacation. Some who rent homes don't want to pay for the expense of wireless Internet when no one is there to use it year-round. I'm guessing some just haven't gotten around to modernizing everything in their rental properties. 

I may or may not be blogging much next week. Sometimes when I sorrowfully tell people I miss blogging when I'm on vacation, they're like, you're on vacation! You don't have to worry about blogging! But isn't the whole premise of vacation doing whatever it is you want to do? For me, that includes blogging regularly :)

P.S. Sorry the posts have been a little light on pictures recently. With all of the craziness accompanying my first week of work, I was simply too lazy. Good stuff coming soon!

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Lauren Gabor said...

Sounds like a great time! Take a lot of pictures.