Saturday, June 2, 2012

It Happened Again

Damn. Does this have to happen every vacation?
I smiled too often.
I laughed too, too much.
I drank way too many calorie-infused beverages.
I ate far too much indulgent fresh seafood.
I played a perfect par-three mini-golf game.
I began reading an intriguing book that wasn't required for school.
I stayed up well past my bedtime and slept until whenever I wanted.
I built a sand castle, sitting in the sand and the waves.
I played in the hot tub and dozed by the pool any time I pleased.
I saw the sun rise and the sun set more than once.
I did exactly what I wanted to do every minute of every day for a week, and I loved it.

I had such an incredible vacation. I know, I've bragged enough for a lifetime and posted enough corny pictures for three or four (and yet somehow, not a single one includes both Ian and me). Don't worry -- I don't have any more pictures for you.
I just can't help but celebrate how blessed I am to have such a wonderful boyfriend, and by extension, second family. They take such good care of me, and they spoil me shamelessly ;)
Truly, my one and only regret about this vacation is that instead of being at home with my family, telling them all about Rodanthe and hearing about my sister's ten-day visit to Rome, I'm back at my apartment for a three-week summer class for my M.Ed. program. Looks like I'll be RIC-bound next weekend to play catch-up!

Luckily, this summer will be chock-full of all kinds of fun and adventure! Stick around for updates coming soon to Girl Emerging! :)

P.S. How has your weekend been thus far? What did you do? Did you spend it with loved ones?

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