Monday, June 25, 2012

My Whirlwind First Day of Work

Today I began work at the job I have held for three consecutive summers. It is a difficult, sometimes stressful job that I absolutely love. It's rewarding in ways I can't express in words. If only working there and doing one thing I really, really love could make me a millionaire...
But today was significant for numerous reasons.
First, I attempted an 8-hour workday without caffeine. That's noteworthy. I won't try to be so chivalrous tomorrow. Remember me, Coke Zero?
Second, one of my best friends in the entire world, Danielle, has been working there for several months. It's wonderful seeing a friend around my job! 
circa 2010
Third, Betsy Q played all day long; thus, I'm a Whale and I Love It When It Snows are ingrained in my brain. Don't forget There's an Elephant in My Soup.
Fourth, a tornado-like storm whipped through the area (and later the state) around 3 p.m., which sent everyone into a frenzy. We lost power at work before the storm really picked up, and all employees were released as soon as the tornado warning was lifted. The head staff weren't even sure whether we'd have work tomorrow. Guess we'll see!
Being the gym rat that I am, I was bound and determined to swim after work. I saw approximately 4 cars as I pulled into the parking lot of the Y. I even got ballsy enough to think I'd be the girl who asks, "Is the pool open?" after a major storm, but I saw doors propped open and all the lifeguards standing around outside before I even had the chance. Thankfully. That would have been embarrassing...
Trees and powerlines were down, blocking sections of the 4-lane road I needed to take home. More than half of the stoplights I encountered didn't have power, so I had to make my way through the sea of panicked travelers. I was a little nervous about what I'd find when I arrived home, since our house backs up directly to the woods. We suffered no damage, thank goodness.
There is a bit of a rivalry at our house right now between Weight Watchers folks and folks who eat natural, healthy food but elect not to count points. We're two-vee-two. I do not have a single bad thing to say about the wonder of WW, and I have absolutely loved many of the recipes our family has tried, but I'll go stark-raving mad in the next few days if I have to hear about the point value of every single thing I pick up. Please, just let my Sandwich Thin and me be! Let's just say that I had no shame in cracking open a Woodchuck at 4:53...

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