Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ian's and My Mexican Meal-Making Experience

Perhaps Hispanic is a more (ethnocentrically) correct term to describe the dinner Ian and I prepared this evening. We sliced and diced and sizzled and mixed and chopped and arranged. Because I'm not a culinary whiz and Ian has kitchen experience in the "little or none" range,
[Think: "Cooking?! That's why they have dining halls!"]
I knew we needed to make something for the Gileses & Co. that was simple, (relatively) healthy, and incorporated seafood. Thus, I give you:
shrimp fajitas (flavored with Old El Paso mild taco seasoning) with the works (shredded lettuce, diced tomato, medium restaurant style salsa, four-cheese Mexican shredded cheese, light sour cream)
Spanish rice (which was supposed to be garlic quinoa, but the few-and-far-between grocery stores in OBX aren't as superfood-savvy as the blog world, and Ian wasn't sure everyone would entertain the notion as well as he did),
patriotic summer fruit salad (strawberries, blueberries, and bananas, plus light whipped cream as an added treat),
and chips and queso (per Ian's request).
I love any meal that fuses sauteed veggies, Mexican flavor, chips and salsa, and fresh summertime fruit! Plus, it was really fun to cook for a group and to relieve Ian's parents from their meal prep duties. Ian and I also work really well as a team in the kitchen, though he hasn't quite mastered the whole "whoever cooks cleans up" thing ;)
Tyler and Liz -- two of our Clean Plate Rangers -- gave our meal a thumbs-up!

P.S. What type(s) of meal do you make for your other half's family and friends? Do you aim for simplicity, seasonally appropriate, themed, aesthetically pleasing? I wanted this meal to be a combo of all four, especially since it was the first time we were cooking for Ian's family!

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