Tuesday, May 1, 2012

HTP Martini Monday

Yesterday was a fantastic, wonderful, incredible, amazing, beautiful day in A.K. World. Not so much literally. It was foggy and drizzly all day. But inside, things were cheery and inspiration-fueled.

For one thing, it was my last day of my first year of graduate school. There was just one Ethics exam and one "practice" counseling session self-critique to be turned in standing between freedom and me. I surprised myself with how incredibly prepared I felt for my Group Therapy final last Thursday and my Ethics final. Never in my life have I put in more time or effort studying for exams. I really went above and beyond what I knew I was capable of, and it showed through my lack of pre-exam freakouts and in my confidence as I took the tests.

After Ethics, I jetted off to Robin Alexander for celebratory martinis with Amy, Jennifer, and Kristin (from left).
One whole year of grad school, done, just like that! Of course, it won't feel that way until I receive my final grades...
First there was the Sour Straw:
Then I tried the Andes Mint:
Both were irresistible, and both will be repeat offenders.
I washed those down (wait...) with the Tuscan Chicken and the sweet potato fries:
Though my bank account objects profusely, it's safe to say I've found a new favorite local spot.

So, what else was I celebrating?
Well, one of my favorite bloggers in the world, Caitlin Boyle over at Healthy Tipping Point, had emailed me to let me know that I was being featured on her blog as part of her "Success Stories" showcase this week, promoting the release of her new book:
I was beyond thrilled. Being recognized by Caitlin is a big deal to me; her blog serves as daily inspiration to better myself mentally and physically. In case you aren't familiar with Operation Beautiful, head over to her blog and check out her empowering work. I was cheesin' like a fool for hours on end. I called my mom and Ian as soon as I received the email. I emailed the link around. I told the ladies over martinis. I grinned and giggled through a phone convo with Dad. To be honest, I haven't stopped smiling since :)

On top of everything, Monday nights are Make It or Break It nights, and last night's episode did not disappoint. I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the start my week has had. Today, I'm off to my sister's college to help her pack up and move out. Wish us luck!

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