Monday, May 7, 2012

T-minus Five

Here's the thing, you guys.
[Prepare yourself to hear about that wretched race yet again!]
I'm in the less-than-one-week range until the 5K event. I ran a 5K today, no problem. I've even been improving my time while increasing my speed, but I've done all of this on the treadmill. I'm not worried about the distance so much as I am the heat, the elevation, and having my boyfriend as a spectator. Saturday will mark exactly two-and-a-half years for us (cue corny awwww here), and I'm simultaneously thrilled and nervous to know he'll be watching me. I've asked him to wait at the finish line instead of seeing us off so he can shoot photos of Caroline, Dad and me completing the race.
Veteran racers, any tips for first-timers? Pre-race meal? During-the-race hydration? Coolest (temperature-wise) clothing to wear? Post-race eats? Post-race rest?
I know it's only a 5K, but I'm treating it as if it's a marathon. I want my first race to be memorable and successful.

On that note, I have been so excited to shop at Dick's for no-slip headbands, spandex shorts to wear underneath my running shorts (to minimize chafing), new yoga pants, and better sports bras. I've literally run through my favorite pair of yoga pants, and you may remember my BTC post awhile back. Also, let's be honest, once running becomes a regular part of your life, it's fun to shop for gear and accessories ;) Update coming soon on that!

On the subject of pre-pre-race fuel, I've been so thrilled with my family's eats since I've been home. I love that my family values both delicious and healthy options. On tonight's menu: squash and onion casserole,
steamed broccoli,
Polish sausage with sauteed veggies,
fried apples,
and fat-free rainbow sherbet!
Colorful meals are my favorite type. My mom does an excellent job of making sure that everyone eats well and that we can be proud of what we put into our bodies.

With that, I'm off to an early bedtime so I can be up and at 'em early tomorrow! It's finally time to go athletic gear-shopping!


Thomas Duhamel said...

I never eat heavy pre-race when I was racing, just doing carb heavy post race stuff. Mostly fruits and veggies maybe some oatmeal. Definitely hydrate well before. Most real "racers" will encourage you to do a little pre-race run, maybe a half mile to a mile to warm up and loosen muscles, this would be in very close proximity to running the race so you don't tense up. Run fast on the up hills to challenge yourself and sprint the down hills as a fun reward. A 5K will be over before you know it, never worried about hydrating during (you will want some after). Congrats on two years!

Girl Emerging said...

Thanks, Tom! I had the same thoughts on fuel and hydration :) Just needed to get others' perspectives. Everyone keeps telling me a 5k will be over before I know it, and I kind of hope that's the case! This one will be about 90% flat, but I liked your tips.

Colleen said...

Hey lady! I'm so excited for you for your race! Don't downplay it: "it's just a 5k" UM, THAT'S HUGE when it's your first race! All races I've ever completed are in the morning, so I usually eat something small like a banana with peanut butter or a bowl of oatmeal. WHATEVER it is, make sure it's something you eat regularly. Trying something new on the morning of race day almost guarantees a pit-stop in the port-a-poty. Let's be honest - no one wants that. GOOD LUCK!!

Girl Emerging said...

Thank you SO much for the inspiration and the encouragement! I couldn't be more excited about this race -- I feel like it's my jumping-off point for bigger and better, plus it's such a wonderful philanthropy. And thanks for the race tips ;)