Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Adventures at Fresh Market

Sorry I haven't written! It's been a busy past few days, between packing, prepping for class (I have a one-week intensive Play Therapy class next week), prepping for Ian turning 22(!), and getting myself from one location to the next. I have a busy, busy, busy summer ahead of me!

Ian's birthday was Thursday, and he wanted to investigate Fresh Market's selection of craft beers and microbrewery options. As we meandered through the aisles, I thought I could probably just move into Fresh Market and live there forever. The all-natural honeys and nut butters, the sea-salted kale chips, the locally grown produce, the organic chocolate, the bulk containers of rich coffees... It was all so enticing. I bought a packet of Justin's Classic Almond Butter, which I found dry but easily spreadable. I had expected it to have a stronger almond flavor. No matter, I'm not giving up on Justin. I also purchased six beers as part of Fresh Market's six-pack for $8.99 deal. I wouldn't exactly call that a "deal," but I enjoyed sampling different beers.
We didn't have time to look around much, so I begged Ian to bring me back yesterday.
Ian indulged me, and I purchased these tasty looking goodies on our second trip:
I have to admit, the kale chips were not what I was expecting... I'm not sure exactly what I was expecting, never having tried kale chips, but they'll take a bit of getting used to. I love pesto and Pom, so all in all, Fresh Market gets an A in my book!

We also celebrated Ian's special day with a Salem Red Sox game. I love baseball, minor or major!
I can honestly say, I have never attended a baseball game at which there were mountains in the background. Ah, beautiful Roanoke. The Sox lost 3-6 against the Frederick Keys, but the game was still a great time. I even got Dip 'n Dots, one of my favorite ice cream treats of all time.
The birthday and graduation celebration continues tonight with a family dinner and gathering. I love celebrating others' achievements and special times :) I'm so grateful that I've been blessed with such an incredible boyfriend and accompanying family.
Enjoy your Saturday!

P.S. Are you a fan of Fresh Market? Do you prefer Trader Joe's? Whole Foods? A completely different awesome grocery haven I've never heard of?

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