Friday, May 11, 2012


Have you seen Bridalplasty? Caroline and I were scanning Netflix for something to watch a few days ago when we came across this description of the show, which premiered in 2010 on E!: "Brides-to-be vie for plastic surgery procedures and the wedding of their dreams, where the big winner will reveal her new look to the groom." We thought, that's ridiculous!, so the logical thing to do was to watch it.

These 12 women are more deceitful, and arrogant, and conniving than women I've seen on any other elimination show. Granted, I don't watch many elimination shows... But these broads have "bitchy" and "catty" on lock. Nevertheless, Caroline and I are firmly addicted. We're only 4 episodes into a two-year-old show, but hey, it's entertaining and fascinating. The concept of women competing against one another in challenges such as food- and wine-tasting to determine crap from crème de la crème, or adorning one another in frilly wedding gowns to be judged by celebrity wedding planners, in order to choose one plastic surgery at a time from a laundry list until their bodies are made over so as to be new for their fiancés, is mind-boggling to me. And yet, we continue to watch. I was pretty excited that there was a "local" contestant (from Virginia Beach), though she was eliminated second. Spoiler alert!

While I've caught myself feeling envious of these women several times, especially as the first challenge-winner earned herself a long-awaited nose job, I also found myself feeling proud and grateful that I don't have to compete on a silly show in order to better my body or have the wedding of my dreams. I'm glad that plastic surgery is considered an option for me, rather than a must-have that will complete my wedding day. To be 100% honest, the majority of these brides are annoying as all-get-out. Contestant Alexandra is absolutely consumed with her brief appearance on The Biggest Loser and her proposal on national television. No, thank you! Contestant Jaimie claims she deserves the win because she already has two children, because her mother passed away before she could have a full-fledged wedding, and because she is embarrassed of her courthouse arrangement. Contestant Jenessa is bound and determined to form an "alliance" with as many brides as she can in order for no alliance members to be eliminated, and then to dump the alliance to favor her own win. Wait... what? In the end, though, who wouldn't want to live in a Beverly Hills mansion for a few weeks, dipping into the hot tub, sampling gourmet food, and earning expensive and luxurious tokens toward a Hollywood-style wedding? ;)
P.S. What are your thoughts on Bridalplasty, or on the concept of bridal-plasty? Do you think grooms should have a say before brides drastically alter their appearance?

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