Tuesday, May 15, 2012

P. Finn: Longwood Legend

Every day, I'm proud to consider myself a Longwood Lancer and a member of the LU Family. Today, I'm especially feeling that pride, as I learned that Longwood's 25th president, Brigadier General Pat Finnegan, is resigning after only two years due to health concerns. I only experienced one of President Finnegan's two years, but his presence on campus and his eagerness to learn about and participate in LU traditions meant the world to my classmates and me. I didn't know that my Lancer pride could grow even more, but it swelled senior year due to P. Finn's enthusiasm, spirit, and support of all things Longwood.
Even before I was a Longwood student, I was reppin' the requisite LU hoodie:
I apologize profusely for the embarrassment that is this post-high school know-it-all...
Freshman year:
Sophomore year:
I seem to be lacking in photos from '08-'09, except for a few MySpace-esque ones...
Junior year:
Nearly all of my '09-'10 photos consist of football games and tailgates. Oops!
Senior year [WARNING -- photo overload]:
And finally, graduation, starring yours truly and the man of the hour (and Joan Finnegan, a.k.a. "J. Finn"):
P. Finn, the Longwood and Farmville communities will surely miss you. You have done wonderful things for the school and community, and the atmosphere surrounding both are forever changed due to your zest and passion.
Some of the greatest memories of my life I made at Longwood University. I could easily write pages about my memories and my incredible experiences, but this post has been long enough. Plus, among all these pictures, they've spoken more than just a thousand words.

Lastly, happy Founders' Day to my beautiful Alpha Delta Pi sisters! One hundred sixty-one years ago, six courageous and unique young women created the first sorority in the world. First, finest, forever, ladies ;)

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