Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Gaining, Not Losing

I really wanted to shed a few pounds this summer. I had great intentions, plus a meal plan and an exercise regimen in place. Things just didn't pan out as I had planned. I knew that that would probably be the case. Things went topsy-turvy in A.K. World this summer!

 I didn't work out nearly as often as I planned; I didn't eat quite as cleanly as I would have liked; but I also didn't let all of my hard work go to waste. I definitely ate way more Sweet Frog frozen yogurt than I care to admit, but I also swam way more than I could have anticipated -- to the extent that I got an extremely painful ear infection. Now I'm on 'the plugs' when I swim.
It wasn't uncommon for me to swim upward of 100 laps a week this summer,
nor was it uncommon for me to eat McDonald's breakfast twice a month. Need I even mention McGriddles or hashbrowns? I ran my first 5k this summer, and I persuaded my family to eat my way for a week:
I returned to a form of exercise I used to love, and I tried foods I haven't had in almost a decade!

All of that being said, I'm pretty darn proud of the fact that while I didn't actually lose any weight this summer, I didn't gain any weight, either.

I also know what I need to do: the clean eating, the exercise regimen, the schedule and the routine resume in T-minus 12 days! So does the long-distance relationship... Ian and I will soon begin navigating the 2-hour distance separating us, as well as the new lifestyle he has begun accompanying medical school. You're probably sick to death of reading those two words, but welcome to the next four years of my life! In my book, things balanced themselves out, and I didn't stress too too much ;)

P.S. If you are in a long-distance relationship -- and if you're willing to put aside your laugh as I refer to 2 hours as "long-distance" -- or if you have ever dealt with it, can you spare a few tips on you and your relationship surviving it?! Some "dos" and "don'ts," maybe?

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Lauren Gabor said...

Do: talk every day. We have a designated time.
Do: think of something new you did. Hearing the same old this and that gets boring.
Do: make surprise trips. Don't make them too often or they will become expected.
ALWAYS end the conversation with I love you!