Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Night No. 2: Clean Eats

Tonight's clean eats meal was perfect -- satisfying yet not overly filling, as well as packing a range of tastes and textures. Mom sauteed chunks of chicken and steamed the broccoli florets for me. I concentrated on measuring the pesto and cooking the perfect al dente whole wheat rotini.
From start to finish:
Clean Plate Rangers all around!
With this dish, I really love the variety of nutrition elements. I also love how the pesto creeps into every little nook and cranny of the rotini, and how the broccoli soaks up the flavor so well. I most love how simple and quick this meal is. I first prepared this concoction for one using a cup of rotini, one box of Green Giant frozen broccoli florets, 2 teaspoons of pesto, and one frozen vegetarian "chik'n" breast. This was my first time making it for a group, but it turned out splendidly.

In order to serve four heartily, I cooked one whole box of rotini, one large stalk of broccoli, 8 chicken tenders, and 3 tablespoons of basil pesto with pine nuts. We had sides of sliced Hanover tomatoes and Jell-O with sliced peaches. Everybody voted that this meal was definitely a keeper!

Still on the Clean Eats Roster:
- Veggie stir fry
- Grilled vegetable kabobs
- Quinoa bowls

I'll keep ya posted! :)

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