Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Veggie-Licious Stir Fry: Night No. 3

Tonight's clean eats meal was absolutely fantastic. I had less of a hand in this one, because Mom was modifying Dad's stir fry sauce recipe. Somehow, she managed to perfectly eyeball brown sugar, dry white wine, and soy sauce to form a light, thin broth in which to cook the veggies.
From start to finish:
We sliced and diced fresh red and yellow pepper, asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, squash, onion, baby carrots and water chestnuts, and we added a few pre-cooked shrimp.
We served the stir fry over white rice. I'm a huge proponent of brown rice, but not for stir fry. I love the way the white rice really soaks up the stir fry sauce.
The egg rolls (a Ukrop's, a.k.a. Martin's, find) were phenomenal -- chock-full of Chinese veggies, lightly breaded, reasonably spicy, and perfectly crispy. We served them with an "authentic" spicy duck sauce Mom found at Kroger.
My absolute favorite part(s) of this meal were how many different veggies were involved, how many servings of veggies fed each person, and how satisfied [read: not miserably stuffed] I felt after the meal.
Again, everybody voted that this meal -- one we've been eating for years -- was a keeper!
I wish I had more of a recipe to provide you, but this meal is simple to serve for one or for ten. The stir fry sauce can be "eyeballed," and ingredients can be added to taste. Other ingredients we considered adding were bok choy and baby corn.

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