Saturday, August 11, 2012

White Coat

Yesterday was my best excuse yet for leaving work early. Normally I'm like, give me extra hours! I need that money monayyy! But yesterday was the Medical College of VCU's White Coat Ceremony for the newest batch of MDs-to-be. I darted out of work at 12:30, starving and nervous (as usual) about navigating Richmond's one-way streets. I worried about being on time, popping a tire on rough pavement, not having time to eat lunch, losing my sorority pin that I was wearing, missing Ian at his apartment and finding the Richmond Convention Center by myself, not having any cash to pay for parking... you name it, I was stressin' about it. As always, none of my fears came to fruition. I had plenty of time to do something with my, shall we say, tousled hair. I even had time to eat the snacky lunch I had packed myself. Ian's parents and I left his apartment in plenty of time to find seats that were by happenstance near the faculty/student entrance.

The ceremony was absolutely beautiful. I don't normally find myself especially interested in doctors' speeches -- partially because I don't understand a damn word of their technical medical lingo. Yesterday was a different story. I hung on every word the speakers said, from the moment the faculty processed to the end of the students' recession.
The white coat symbolizes so much in the American medical community. It's a figure of power, prestige, knowledge, healing, and caring. At one point during the ceremony, parents, spouses, and significant others were asked to stand so that the class of 2016 could applaud those who have helped them achieve their dreams and reach the place they stand today. I could not have been prouder of Ian at that moment for all that he has accomplished, both before and since I have known him. I'm so proud to call myself his girlfriend -- Congratulations, Dr. Giles! ;)


Callie said...

You two are a serious power couple - the world is super lucky to have such dedicated (& super fun) people about to enter the workforce!

Plus, you look BEAUTIFUL! I love your hair swept back like that. I've been doing it like that a lot lately too! Gotta love a good low pony ;)

Girl Emerging said...

You absolutely made my day-slash-life with this comment!!! Thanks for your support -- I love that you still read the blog! :) Meet up soon?!