Monday, August 6, 2012

I'm Too Damn Old For This

Okay, so couples' Beer Olympics was everything I expected it to be and nothing like I thought it would be simultaneously. Everyone was too spastic to abide by the bracket I meticulously drew up and most of the dudes were enthralled with the real Olympic Games, so we didn't make it much past Chandelier and Pong. I blame the members of country Ireland for their poor choice in the opening ceremony; we all paid for it dearly. Between Miller Lite, Michelob Ultra Pomegranate, Fireball, and far too much caffeine-fueled energy, I spent the entirety of Saturday recovering. I swear I lost weight this weekend. Random, inappropriate side note: I could never in a billion years be bulimic. I'm too damn old for this.

I thoroughly enjoyed lounging on the James down at Maidens Landing while I nursed my hangover. It was also really nice to lazily watch Catch Me If You Can as a group Saturday afternoon. Saturday evening, Ian's family finally visited my house for the first time! His parents and his brother helped move him into his new apartment, as did his uncle, his cousin, and his cousin's lady. Saturday night was supposed to be a repeat of Friday's failed games, but everybody was out like a light before the clock struck twelve.

Yesterday, several of us enjoyed Third Street Diner's delectable brunch menu before we toured Ian's newly decorated apartment. I sampled Third Street's Greek omelette and absolutely loved it! Unfortunately, Ian's roommate, Chris, wasn't around, so I haven't met him yet. I'm still looking forward to meeting all of the new pals he met during the Prematriculation program in June.

Speaking of med school, today was Ian's first day of class! The M1s didn't do much today, but it's so exciting to think that my boyfriend has officially begun medical school -- at the newly-recognized best hospital in Virginia, I might add ;) Okay, sorry, I get a little braggy when it comes to Ian. I haven't had many chances to update you guys on Girl Emerging recently between work, Ian's move to Richmond, the Olympics, and very full weekends. Thanks for sticking around!

Today after work, I kicked my own ass -- as I so seem to love doing -- on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes before I cycled around Europe for 20 minutes. Whew! That was a heck of a workout combo!

Well, I guess we're all caught up. I'd love to hear about your weekend!