Friday, August 31, 2012

September Challenge

A plank a day keeps the belly fat at bay. Right? I don't know. That's my hypothesis. Well, it's my hope.
If only my form were this good...
I've always incorporated ab work into my weight lifting routine (e.g. crunches, medicine ball sit-ups, planks, ab crunch machine) but the results haven't exactly been, ahem, evident. Probably because both the weight lifting sessions and the ab focus were sporadic. 
Next month, I've issued myself the challenge of -- at the very least -- a plank a day. Just one minute of my abs and me. No promises, but this probably won't be one of those challenges after which I report my results. I don't consider myself a pessimist, but I'd rather not blog about the flabby tummy I still have. Ya dig?
So, that's that. For my own edification, I'm excited to see whether one month of concentrated effort in addition to my usual workouts makes a noticeable difference. The challenge is on!
P.S. Do you have a challenge you issue yourself each month (or day, week, year, etc.)? If so, please share!

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