Thursday, August 2, 2012


Ian and I booked our first vacation as a couple! Sure, I've been thrice to OBX with his family,
and he vacationed with us at Smith Mountain Lake, but this is big news for us, people. I'm talking, researched it ourselves, paid for it ourselves, asked all the right questions ourselves, made the adult(like) decisions ourselves. Yes, I'm 23 going on 7. Though I did feel like a grown-up purchasing travel insurance. Except for the part about "death and/or dismemberment." Uhh...

I'm officially an independent gym enthusiast. You read that correctly. My posts may have made it seem as if the gym feels natural and comfortable for me, but that has not been the case until recently. I used to always wish a friend or a family member -- or at least someone I knew -- would be there for me to ask, "What the hell does this machine do?" or for me to laugh with-slash-to when I fell on my face attempting to pump up the dreadmill. I'll probably never feel at home in the gym, but I finally feel at ease moving among the machines, weaving between treadmills, experimenting with workout routines. Though I always love an accountability buddy ;)

Ian moved into his first-ever apartment in Richmond! I've told him he cannot be coronated a True Richmonder until he has (a) lived in the city of Richmond for 25 years or more and (b) married a True Richmonder or (c) procreated with a True Richmonder. He lucked into one of only two apartments with a porch in his newly renovated complex. I could not be more thrilled for this new chapter in his life as a medical student. So many new and exciting changes!

Tomorrow, I'll be participating in Beer Olympics for the first time. Apparently I didn't have enough undergraduate years. Either that, or I'm living out my Olympic dream with Miller Lite and a makeshift flag. I'm just too pumped up about women's gymnastics, men's swimming, and the diving competitions. Rock on, USA!

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