Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Whole Fam Damily

This past weekend was perfect.

Friday, I spent my first night in Ian's beautiful new apartment, following the celebration of his introduction to medical school, and after a much-too-filling late dinner at Cheesecake Factory with his parents.

Saturday, unfortunately, I roused Ian at 8:00 to be out the door shortly after. He was even kind enough to walk me to my car -- and walk all the way up to his apartment and back down again to fetch my cell phone and charger -- half-asleep. Mom and Caroline and I spent the day tooting around Williamsburg. We shopped til we dropped at the Premium Outlets, and I maximized every dollar! Not an easy feat for someone with a Coach addiction. Some time with the girls was exactly what I needed to regroup and give my soul a little retail therapy. I even had one of those moments where you laugh so unexpectedly (and evidently forcefully) that you spray your drink out of your mouth... onto the back of your mother's hair. She's a very forgiving woman with a wonderful sense of humor. She even allowed us to indulge in McDonald's for b-fast and Panera for dinner (the clean eating countdown has begun: T-minus 14 days).

This morning we woke up with the sun to pick up Caroline's and my godfather, Bill-Bill, to celebrate the homecoming of his and my mom's home church in Craigsville, Virginia. The service was really nice; it was great being back, visiting with a few of our many cousins, and even meeting the new pastor who is a recent Longwood grad! I ate far and away too much at the banquet afterward, but that's what you get with United Methodist women. It was a great time.

Every once in awhile, I just need a family-filled weekend to ground me, remind me of my roots, and keep me humble.
Happy Sunday, my blends!

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