Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What the Heel

I can't even begin to tell you how many runner-bloggers' posts I've read about injuries suffered, physical therapy sessions attended, doctors' appointments made, hiatuses taken, and pieces of advice offered. I've suffered a few boo-boos myself, between bruising my knee (and my ego), experiencing unexplained knee pain (and here and here), and suffering a very painful ear infection. Hazards of the trade, I suppose. Well, apparently I'm made of glass, because my heel has been bothering me since the Vinton 5k.

I'll back up a bit. After Dad and I finished the 5k, our family headed to the pancake breakfast. I didn't realize how tight my muscles already were until I stood up after breakfast and I found I was incredibly sore. I can definitely attribute this to not stretching before the race, running in the cold on pavement, and not stretching after the race. Triple oops. I don't normally stretch before or after running because I don't normally have stiffness, soreness, or tightness. That being said, I don't normally run outdoors in 40-degree weather. Anyway...

The morning after the 5k, my right heel was pretty tender. There was no swelling or visible bruising, but it hurt to apply pressure or stand on it immediately after I got out of bed. That's the way it's been every morning since.

I've never experienced pain after a rest before. When I was experiencing knee pain, I recuperated from rest, and experienced pain during and after exercise. I'm having a hard time explaining this... It's also hard to describe exactly where the pain is:
Someone offered me an explanation of plantar fasciitis (but the pain isn't the bottom of my foot); someone else offered the possibility of a stress fracture (I probably wouldn't be able to walk normally, much less run). Ian, my MD-to-be, suggested RICE -- rest, ice, compression, elevation. Call me a total idiot, but I don't like the sound of any of it.

I took Friday off from the gym, spent most of Saturday walking all over Appomattox, and rested all day Sunday. Yesterday, I blew it all off and went for a short 20-minute run around my neighborhood. Brilliant, A.K. Looks like for the next few days, I'll finally be heeding my boyfriend's advice and working on my upper-body strength training... *sigh*

Besides the obvious -- Suggestions? Recommendations? Possibilities?


Carrie Skoll said...

I'm horrible at giving advice about injuries and taking it easy after an injury. I don't usually follow what the experts recommend. I know I should rest more.

That being said, check out KTTape - I love their products and taping various aches and pains always makes them feel better for me.

Girl Emerging said...

As you can see, I'm the same way. In fact, I've been itching for a run today... Thanks for the suggestion about the tape! I really need to look into "runner" products more.