Thursday, October 4, 2012

Why Don't I Feel Full?

Today, I'm writing about two topics that have brought me some concern over the past month. One of them I found to be challenging, yet rewarding and doable. The other is still a concern.

On nutrition:
Over the past month or two, I've experienced a day or two per week during which I could not get full. It seems like no matter how much or what type of food I eat, my blood sugar is still low. It's not just hunger pangs; it's more like I can't regulate my blood sugar or fill my stomach sufficiently. Finally, I decided it was bothering me enough to see my PCP about it.
I'm not a big fan of going to the doctor, particularly when needles are involved. I don't have a fear of needles, per se, but they give me the willies. So you can imagine I am not stoked for an appointment before which I cannot eat (yikes!), and at which I know beforehand they will be drawing blood. Double yikes!
I'm a little worried about what my doctor will say, but I'm armed with lots of possible causes (e.g. returning to omnivorism, frequent cardio exercise, "lady business" troubles and comorbid recurring BC problems [which could contribute to anemia], insufficient protein and/or iron consumption... the list goes on). Truth be told, I'm kind of terrified that my doctor will tell me that all of my hard work, meticulous planning, and expensive health-conscious purchases aren't doing my body good. That, or that I have actually been harming my body...
Both Ian and my mom, in their infinite wisdom, have offered tons of helpful suggestions and assured me that I'm doing the right thing. My appointment is Friday at 9:00. Fingers crossed for good news!

On planks:
Remember when I challenged myself to complete a plank a day for the month of September? Well, my blends, I did one plank every single day for 27 days, and I forgot on the 28th day. Consequently, I completed two one-minute planks on Sept. 29th, and I rounded out the month nicely. Obviously, I can't report that I've sprouted a six-pack, but I can say that planks get easier the more you do them. The first few days, I thought I was going to collapse. I've done planks sporadically before, but doing one a day seemed like it would be the death of me when I first began. Now, I'm thinking that making a plank-a-day part of my daily routine isn't a half-bad idea! It's an easy way to throw some ab work as well as some controlled breathing into my day without really having to plan.

I'll be back tomorrow with updates. As my dad says, happy teeny-Friday!
P.S. Countdown to the Vinton 5k: 9 days!!

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